Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If you don't know about elm trees, you might think our local elms have burst into leaf. The London plane trees in the background have, but the elm trees have only formed their hops, or seeds. These will dry and blow away and once again the elms will be bare until the leaves arrive. The elms below the highrise are well shaded and so come into leaf quite late, but I can never remember them getting their hops this early in the season.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Sadly, since the arrival of Dutch Elm Disease in Britain many years ago now, elm trees are seldom to be seen and rarely in maturity. Yours are a happy reminder.

  2. Spring is insane this year, everything is blooming earlier, longer and more ferociously, since the great winter rains. I'm astonished at the amount of pollens assaulting me every day. I'm seriously considering getting a mask to wear when I step outside.

  3. You got many a person all excited about hops for beer....

  4. Spring was sprung early this year because the cherry blossoms were out in early August in my neck of the woods, could be a dry summer coming up :-).

  5. JayLa, I have heard that. While we do have the elm beetle, so far so good. There is an organised group who monitors them. They are a lovely tree.

    River, we can only hope for your sake that the season finishes earlier than normal. I remember what it was like.

    Isn't that where hops come from Jayne?

    Windsmoke, I fear a hot and dry one. Last years was brill.