Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Humour

Among the many items of humour that arrive to the Highrise via the electronic mailing system, sometimes one really appeals to me, as this one did. Could you add a caption? Here is mine.

'Boss, the gravel is all tied down. I didn't need that tarp after all'.


  1. How about, "I can't be tying down any tarps boss, my cardiologist says..."
    Ha Ha.
    Hope you're not planning on kicking the bucket anytime soon.

  2. Slick work River.

  3. Anonymous9:36 pm

    oh River Runs Through It

    just cannot believe the stupidity though Ann ODyne

  4. What stupidity Ann? The gravel is tightly tied down with three straps.

  5. I like your caption, if only because I couldn't see what was wrong with the picture until you told me. Duh.

    "I couldn't find that left-handed skyhook you asked for, boss, but I secured that load of gravel for you while I was there."

  6. Fruitcake, the apprentices revenge. I like it.