Thursday, September 22, 2011

Car Tech

My car is ever so high tech. It has a cd player, which is an advance on my last car which had a cassette player.

For reasons to be explained in another post, I wanted to play a cd. I can't remember playing one before in the car. Maybe I have, but I had forgotten how the machine works. I tried inserting the cd into the slot. It would not go in. It occurred to me that maybe there was one in there already. Yes. Ah, Indian music. I had forgotten about the cd a friend made for me. I must have used this machine before then. How do I get it out. I pressed a button and half the face of the machine fell off. Yes, you are supposed to take this bit with you when you leave the car. As if anyone would want to steal this radio/cd player. Try this button and out popped the cd. I inserted the new one, and away it went.

I listened to three tracks between home and work. The next time I used the car, I wondered if the cd would pick up where it left off. Of course not. It started at the beginning again.

Wait, Denise Scott is on the radio. I want to hear her. I ejected the cd and it poked out a bit as I went to grab it, the machine sucked it back in a again. I repeated the action, as did the machine. It was too quick for me and I soon tired of this game and the first line of the first song.

Then I learnt that to eject properly, you need to press and hold the eject button. The cd comes right out and it easy to remove. If you don't remove it, after a few seconds it takes it back in for safekeeping and does not start playing.

I should have just skipped this technology. Fancy learning about cd players just as they are disappearing.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    The trials and tribulations, yet again, of modern life. We really do sympathise for we have had such similar experiences with so many different pieces of modern technology on so many occasions. Yet give a piece of new equipment to a five year old and there is not the slightest problem. Is this called getting older?

  2. I think new cars should have a multi-purpose player that does cd's, cassettes and has a connection for I-pod. It shouldn't be too hard, they have cars with dvd players now.

  3. Ha! We sold our 96 Magna in May and that only had a cassette player and no airbags .... and now have a 2011 Peugeot with more airbags than passenger numbers, a bluetooth connector and, yet, also a CD player. We didn't bring any CDs over with us....

  4. ha ha mine starts the CD where you left off. I also have an ipod connection, a usb bit and bluetooth. Damned if I can be bothered with the bluetooth though. I listen to the radio mostly.

  5. There are too many distractions built into new cars these days that can cause accidents. I much prefer listening to the radio :-).

  6. Your description just made me laugh, thanks for the smile in my day.

  7. JayLa, while I agree with you about the trials and tribulations with technology, I don't let anyone under twenty near my tech things. In my experience, the outcome is never good.

    River, I think they do now. R's car has a pluggy type thing in his console. I think it is to connect an MP3 player.

    Yep Kath. What was it? $600? You did well. Hope you are happy with the car.

    Fen, brag on. I am a radio person too.

    Agree Windsmoke. That's why half the cars at traffic lights don't start off when the lights go green.

    The tug of war amused me at the time Big Dog.

  8. CD players are a bitch on corrugated outback roads ...

  9. Red, the needle bounces?