Sunday, September 11, 2011

A boy girl

Little Jo said she is not visiting for a sleep over, but a play over. Play she did until Sister and Bone Doctor returned from the football. Although it was no surprise to Sister that Little Jo was still up when they returned, Little Jo did not stay up for much longer, but before she slept, she saw a little bit of a repeat of Beautiful People on tv, in spite of Sister saying tv and radio is off the agenda for the weekend as there will be exhaustive coverage of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

While I adored the show Beautiful People, it was not a show I thought I would watch again, but Friday nights often find us watching a repeat showing.

As Little Jo was being hustled off to bed, she said, I like that boy girl. He is fun. She was referring to the character Kylie, or Kyle.

Children of the sixties reacted against their parents conservatism by having extremely opposite attitudes. Children often react in an opposite direction to their parents mores. While Sister does fancy women, and is quite left and green generally, socially she is quite conservative and somewhat intolerant of overt displays of sexuality. So, I hope Little Jo does go against that grain and becomes very socially inclusive of all shapes and sizes.

I must teach Little Jo the word gorgeous. Kylie in Beautiful People is gorgeous. Bless.


  1. What a cute precious show. Yes, Kylie is gorgeous and I'm sure Little Jo is also. I think Little Jo is quite good for you Andrew.
    Thank goodness her parents don't let her watch all the 9/11 stuff.

  2. Beautiful People looks like an interesting show. I might have to track it down.

  3. Towanda, Little Jo has been very good for the whole family in ways that are unimaginable. Yes, the show is quite precious, but fun and clever.

    Can't believe you haven't seen it Fruit Cake.

  4. It's a great show and if Little Jo 'becomes very socially inclusive' then you should all be proud.

  5. You know Kath, what I fear is that she will be a bully. She is smart and clever and she knows she is. Honestly, I am bit afraid about her future.

  6. n'aaw Kylie is brilliant, loved that show.

  7. T'was good hey Fen. Kinda of show that had to finish and not be repeated.

  8. You know it girlfriend!


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