Monday, September 19, 2011


We have had a day or warm air being blown in from the north. In summer, it can be very unpleasant but in early spring, it was quite tolerable. Outside it is 23 degrees and very nice while sitting on the balcony. There is not a breath of wind, but that is about to change with a cool change from the south where instead of the wind as it was during the day being blown in from the hot centre of Australia, the wind will be coming in from Bass Strait and the Antarctic. Melbourne's climate usually alternate between the two over summer.

It felt so comfortable outside, I was reminded of when we lived in our last house in Balaclava. On such a night, the garden lights would be lit, the uplight on the silver birch bright, the water feature tinkling away and perhaps a dog or two at our feet.

We would pour ourselves a scotch and soda each and sit in the backyard and play a game or two of backgammon.

And then came the internet.


  1. Sounds so pleasant and civilised!
    You forgot the mozzies, the possums chittering at you, the dogs farting and the odd flying ant drowning in your glass :P

  2. Jayne, you have spoiled my idyllic scene painting with facts.

  3. And down here in the south east we've got a thunder storm

  4. Loz, by the time I finished writing that, the same was happening here and the cool change had arrived.

  5. I had very strong winds all day and most of the night then rain and hail stones :-).

  6. I had a lime cordial and soda, I live life on the edge.

  7. Something you ate Windsmoke?

    Very refreshing Fen.


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