Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apples and pencils

Remember the neighbour who's bedroom window we can see into? One morning while getting a dose of vitamin D on our balcony, I spied an spilt ashtray on his window ledge and some vomit on the side of the building as if he had leant out the window to throw up. Then poof, he was gone.

It seems a family has moved in, with two preteen daughters who each have a bedroom. Instead of the previous idiocy of putting the lads putting their bedheads under the windows, they have sensibly placed their desks under the windows. Let me focus on one desk.

I am so cheered by her desk. She has her notebook computer with the illuminated fruit symbol sitting upon, a spiralling happy plant (cordyline?) and best, neatly laid out coloured pencils and some coloured texters. The pencils move around, so they clearly get used, but are always neat, unless they are actually being used.

Who was it who Michael Apted quoted when the first of his 7 Up series started? Show me the child and I will show you the adult. Something like that.

By the time she was two, I could already tell Little Jo would never have neatly laid out pencils. Now she is four, I feel no reason to alter my opinion. It is not good, nor bad. Just different. Both types of people can be wonderful participants in society. I may be slightly disappointed that Little Jo does not follow after Aunty Andrew who I am sure always had his pencils neatly laid out. In fact his Derwent's were kept meticulously ordered in their tin box. ABI Brother knew better than to mess my pencils up. I would have biffed him good and proper.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Alas, we too always have our pencils laid out neatly, all facing in the same direction. Just sometimes we should wish it were otherwise.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I was a bit worried about the poor lass til you assured me the pencils are sometimes used.

  3. JayLa, perhaps you are like me. I wish I could have pencils strewn over the floor, but it not my nature, nor yours it seems.

    Seem to be Fruitcake. I get your point.

  4. Mine and Feral teens pencils are all over the shop like a mad woman's washing :P

  5. And mine? Well, they always seem to be lost.

  6. I was a neat pencil girl, too and made sure that they 'blended' into a perfect rainbow in my tin!

    Sapphire is messier but the work she produces is so much more creative and mesmerising.

  7. My desk is always a disaster area just like after a hurricane has just past through, but i can always find what i want :-).

  8. The architects of your building must be voyeurs. it wrong to feel somewhat disappointed that the previous inhabitant is no longer there?

  9. Jayne, I am a firm believer that it matters little for children who are brought up with love.

    Nice twist Towanda :)

    A rainbow Kath! How charming. I think creative people tend to be less neat and tidy.

    Windsmoke, that is the main thing, you can find things. I have seen very messy desks, but owner knew where everything was.

    AdRad, its not much that you can see in. Not enough in the past anyway. I'd reckon they were really gay boi trouble. Odd that they were only there for about three months.

  10. I'm with Ad Rad. Some years back a youngish man moved into an aprtment across the road from mine and placed his bed in the way that your earlier neighbour did. He never had closed curtains and for the year that he lived there he provided a regular display I could only describe here with an Adults Only warning.

    As for the main purpose of your post, I have no recollection of my tidiness at four years of age but nowadays all my pens and pencils must, without exception, align.

  11. My pencils aren't lost - they're stolen! That's because no one else has them neatly laid out, so they take mine! Oh, what a heavy burden it is to be an organised earth sign ...

  12. Did Outraged of Edgecliff call the police or write a letter of complaint to the Wentworth Courier? I thought not.

    Actually, the main point of my post started off being being high tech, the computer, competing with low tech pencils, and good that kids still use pencils but I became sidetracked.

    Red, after today's post, I bet you kept you red pencil separate and no one took it. Ha, just remembered red lead pencils.

  13. 'Did Outraged of Edgecliff call the police or write a letter of complaint to the Wentworth Courier?'

    Only when he moved out.


  14. He wasn't there that long. I hope they cleaned the spew off the wall!
    I have no pencils, there's a packet of crayons somewhere though!

  15. They did not Fen. I was hoping rain would wash it away, but it hasn't yet.