Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Just clearing some photos.

The cafe Creme was amazing. I went inside and it was huge and had two areas, many staff and a few customers. On my own, I found it a little intimidating.

This type of housing lines the shores of Port Phillip Bay with some being very grand. As we are in Altona, these are not so grand, but still take full advantage of the views. I expect that as our Prime Minister lived in Altona before security decided they could not secure her modest house, has added some value to housing in the area.

On a hot summer day maybe fifteen years ago, we journey to Altona. The beach was busy, as was the pier. There were lots of overseas born males from areas Mediterranean and Middle Eastern being very sexually aggressive to any female who was around, especially if she was blonde. Some of them were sublimating their drive with ball sports. But among them families picnicked. It was a noisy place with jetskis making a constant hideous racket. Altona has changed since then. White people were walking dogs, older people out for a stroll, cyclists pedalling along. Perhaps it still goes off on a hot summer day.


  1. We go to that exact area on Australia Day at about 6pm every year. They set up for fireworks to go off. There are bands in the park across from the pier and everyone is very happy.
    I used to go to this beach all the time with my Pa, when I was a toddler that is. My Nan and Pa used to live near Altona Gate Shopping centre. I had many boxes of shells in my Pa's shed :)

  2. Nice memories Cazzie. The area has such a peaceful feel to it. Bags and boxes of shells seem to accumulating in our spare room wardrobe. I wonder why?


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