Sunday, August 21, 2011

Smart Phone Update

I am extremely happy with my Samsung Android smart phone. It is a wondrous thing. At times I think it is too smart by half. When I wish to gaze on photos of Little Jo when she was a baby, I don't want rudie pictures that someone has sent me in the gallery next to what I am looking at. And somehow it has downloaded thumbnails of photos on my blog. If I click them, I can see them fullsize. If this is convergence, I don't think I want it.

I have never had an Ipod. I have made do with clones. My clone got lost along the way, and I bought a new cheapie. Hey, $30 is $30. It's battery charge won't last for eight hours though.

I see no need anymore for an Ipod style machine. My smart phone does it all and does it better. I just transfer podcasts to my phone from the computer.

I struggled initially with my smart phone. It was chewing through bandwidth and battery power. I discovered applications/services/running apps. Once I shut them all down, problem was solved.

It was very useful as a modem for the laptop on our recent holiday.

I am still discovering its features. Apps I have downloaded are Grindr, purely for observational and stalking purposes, the weather bureau's forecasting, BBC News and ABC News, Tram Hunter, very useful. Opi which is for all public transport, worldwide. I don't think it is real time, but gives timetable information.

While I have no interest in football, I downloaded a live football app. I can speak authoritatively about who is playing when and where and what the scores are.

This one was just to see what it was about. I downloaded a scanner app. I can hear our emergency, police, fire brigade, ambulance service people talking on their two way radios. (2.30 pm: He is alcohol affected and has just fallen through a glass door. His wife made the call and is also alcohol affected. Transport to the Western Hospital, but expect some problems. 2.31pm: He may be armed. We don't know. He may not be armed, we don't know. Use caution.)

I thought apps would change my life. They haven't, but some can be quite useful.

It may well be an age thing, but I just have not come across killer apps. Do you have a killer app that I might like?


  1. lol, I am app challenged. My phone rings answers calls and texts, thats it. cost me $20 lol

  2. I thought you put the photos there, on your sidebar, but you are saying your phone did it?

    Alcohol affected? Now that app I would very much like to have being the voyeur that I am. I'm too paranoid to have a smart phone to tell you the truth. My old-fashioned Blackberry was as far as I ever wanted to go.

  3. The scanner app sounds like a good one. You could spend hours listening in to cops discussing when and where to make the next coffee and donut stop.

  4. IWBG, at least your phone rings. No one calls me:( Very useful for texts of course.

    No Linda, the opposite. My phone grabbed my blog photos. It is all to do with a gmail application on the phone. Old fashioned or not, a Blackberry sounds smart enough.

    River, let us just say there is a lot of down time. Apart from the initial novelty use, I haven't used it since.

  5. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Talking Tom 2 is fun.

    You haven't got Scruff either?

  6. which weather bureau app do you use? I'm addicted to a game called Jewels Link at the moment. It's a boredom killer, when one is waiting for clients at appointments etc. I'm easily pleased.
    My fave app is the SlideIT keyboard app and the Handcent SMS app. Oh I also love the Vignette photo app, but for some reason it's lost the ability to turn my 'flash' thing on.

  7. Anon, I know who you are because I know you like Scruff. I don't think anyone in Australia uses it, although maybe I just don't know of them. I will have a look at Talking Tom 2.

    Fen, the one from the weather bureau. R still uses Handcent, mainly for the message nag feature. I ditched mine. It was a helpful suggestion. I rarely muck around with photos on my phone.

  8. I did not know there was an app from the weather bureau! I've been missing out. The one that I use is good but a little buggy.

  9. mine rarely rings either! i get texts..... from the kids,meaning i need to ring them back on the landline,as i rarely have any credit lol