Friday, August 19, 2011

Red Dog

'Want to see a movie?, asked R. Fine with me, we shall see Red Dog. We went into Melbourne Central but either I had the movie time wrong or the website was wrong. We had some lunch into the newly and nicely renovated food court. It was so popular and busy. I then realised that several levels under us was the city train loop, so although it was now 2pm, we could make the 2.30 session at the Jam Factory in South Yarra if we caught the train and walked from South Yarra Station. We did so.

What can I say about Red Dog? It is a very Australian movie. Even though a lead character was American, possibly to make the film more marketable overseas, I don't think it will translate well. Having said that, it was an enjoyable enough movie. Light perhaps, but oh dear, tear inducing too. Take your tissues and dark glasses, and ladies, you better do the same.

As we left the cinema and wandered out through the atmosphereless Jam Factory, I remembered we had a kelpie when I was a kid. As a breed, I am not so keen on them. Although they are arguably the best cattle and sheep dogs, I don't think of them as great pets. They are just way too alert for my liking. Their eyes flick back and forth, ever watchful for a cow that is straying and needs rounding up, even when they are inside. I then remembered the dogs name, guess??? It was Red. I don't know why some dogs chase cars. He was the only car chasing dog we ever owned. One night he made a grave error by not noticing that the car he was pursuing was towing a trailer. That was the end of Red.

In the evening I phoned Sister to see how things were with her. She had taken Little Jo to see Red Dog that afternoon too. We were both in cinemas an hour's drive apart at the same time watching the same movie.

I was surprised to learn in the movie credits that it was based on a real dog.

Two days of dog tales. That will be enough for a while.

Later edit: I should make mention that the film featured a cameo by the wonderful but late Bill Hunter. I expect it was his last performance. He will be sorely missed from our screens.


  1. Red Dog...added to my list of movies to see. This list is getting quite long.....

  2. oh my Nan went and saw this today, she got teary too. Sounds like one I should go and see.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    It does not sound as if 'Red Dog' will replace 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' as our absolutely favourite Australian film of all time....

  4. Yes, it was sad about Bill. The kids want to see red Dog. I will await the arrival of it on DVD :)

  5. He looks a lot like our old red kelpie Thorn - am I ready for it..can still remember how good it was to just have him sitting beside me allowing me to pat him and hie looking so wise.

  6. Like my 'to read' list River.

    Good that she still goes to movies Fen.

    JayLa, possibly not. Picnic at Hanging Rock is very memorable, and of course yes, we have had a picnic at Hanging Rock.

    Good idea Cazzie. Sob in your own lounge room.

    I forgot about Thorn MC. Yes, he was a kelpie. Very faithful.

  7. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Hey agree with you on this one! I didnt know what to expect and didnt realise until the end it was based on the real dog by a french tourist from memory, who wrote the story.
    Tears yes! OMG was a very nice story told , and very ocker, but funny, moving, sad, happy not just for the kiddies!

    well written Andrew.


  8. Thanks Michelle. French tourist? I missed that. As you say, a story well told.