Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Park here in exchange for a pint of your blood

At the urging of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, The Productivity Commission has taken a peek at the pricing for Melbourne Airport Parking.

Now you ask anyone how they feel about the cost of parking at Melbourne Airport, and you will get one answer only. Rip off!

In fact Vic Roads in cahoots with Melbourne Airport and erected barriers to prevent people parking on the edge of the freeway leading to Airport, while those parked waited for the call to collect someone.

Can any of you tell me of anyone who says, Melbourne Airport parking charges are very reasonable and fair? Perhaps you move in different circles to me and you may know such a person. I do not.

Melbourne Airport was privatised in 1997 and is leased from the federal government and run by Australian Pacific Airports Corporation, its major shareholders being AMP, Deutsche and Hastings Fund Management.

All private companies are there to make a profit. So how do they make a profit? They charge airlines landing fees, retail shops pay rent, office rents and car parking. A whole one fifth of their revenue, that is 20%, comes from car parking.

Well, it is a damn good thing that the Productivity Commission looked at the usurious car parking charges.

They have published their report. Oh, the charges are not excessive.

Hundreds of thousands of people think they are, and one little select group does not. How is $12 for one hour of parking when you are collecting or taking someone to airport not a rip off?

If I am looking for a punch on the nose, I might quote the findings of the report to the next person I hear moaning about Melbourne Airport's car parking charges.

If you want to torture yourself, a direct link in the wider report is here.

Of course we could built a train line to the airport like Sydney and experience even more outrages, but we would have to make certain nonsense doesn't happen as when governments get mixed up with private companies.

Later edit: I don't normally read comments on stories at The Age. I do at the Herald Sun at times, and then roll my eyes at the general lack of logic. But hey, the comments at The Age on this story are perfectly accurate.


  1. $12 per hour does seem excessive. Of course I don't know what other capital cities charge, if I need to be at the airport for any reason I'll take a bus (or a taxi) so don't have to worry about parking.

  2. In the same vein, I'm just generally outraged about tolls and costs for road upgrades (eg Brisbane Storey Bridge etc) - and am surprised not more people are given we pay taxes with the expectation that infrastructure will be provided in return.

    Or is that just too simplistic??

  3. It varies greatly River, and is not a straight comparison because they offer different prices for different periods. You do have ordinary buses to the airport. We don't have normal usable ones and nor does Sydney.

    Back to Roman times Red, with toll gates everywhere. It is wrong. I don't mind paying more tax if it wisely spent on infrastructure.

  4. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Here's today's story in SMH on airport parking rip offs at Sydney & Melbourne Airports.


  5. Well picked up Anon, but that added more outrage once I read it today, and so I did link to it at the bottom of my post.

  6. There's nothing I can add to this post or these comments, can only say that I a-GRRRR-ee.

  7. It used to be even dearer here in Sydney unsure of present costs - but Sydney had the most expensive parking at the airport a while back - you guys may have caught up

  8. Fruitcake, don't ever think that rants like this don't get noticed. I know they do, so the more support the better.

    MC, whether deliberate or not, it is never apples and oranges when comparing. Some are cheaper for some parking but not for other ways.

  9. ugh don't even get me started about this ruling, what a load of bollocks. It's a rip off, end of story.

  10. Fen, I don't think the long term carpark is too bad, but the free bus service is too infrequent.