Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr and Mrs Morcombe

I would not blame anyone for going to pieces when the remains of their son who was abducted and killed, and god knows what happened in between, are found some years later. Daniel would now be 21 years old. It is a tragedy and his family is entitled to scream, cry, stamp, lash out and blame. Many in lesser situations do.

But the dignified manner in which Daniel's parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe have conducted themselves publically since Daniel went missing eight years ago is more than just admirable. It is truly amazing.

I doubt I would have the wherewithal. I dips me lid to you Bruce and Denise and your family.


  1. Yes they have been dignified and determined throughout.

  2. Yes Victor, determined too, in a calm, measured and methodical manner.

  3. Poor family what shocking thoughts must be theirs and how ever to stay sane after the damage that little family has suffered. Its the worst nightmare you could imagine a family to go through

  4. A truly heartbreaking story :(

  5. MC, many families would crack up after that. They have not.

    It is Fen, especially so I think because he was so angelic.