Thursday, August 04, 2011


I met my new boss today. I had no idea what to expect, except that he had a non anglo name. I later learnt that he is of Lebanese heritage. I thought Greek. Both countries have a strong connection to each other I think, so an understandable error on my part.

His shaved head was compensated for by a day or so's grey facial growth. He looked physically trim enough. He had, for want of a better description, that Aussie/wog accent that seems to take more than one generation to breed out. I rather like it. If it comes with a slight speech impediment, even better.

Yeah, seemed ok bloke. I wait for about six months before judging a new boss. Just because they can talk the talk, I like to see them walk the walk too and I take seriously but critically what other workmates say about them in the interim.

And then there was his underling, a person in charge of another area.

He was similar to the boss, but just knock off a decade, a bit slimmer and dreamy looks. He was also of the same extraction as my new boss by his accent, and his was a little nicer, but still very much there.

How does it go? Girls get wet, guys drip? I did neither. I just dreamt of him talking in his gorgeous accent into my ear. I alternated between him throwing me over something and having his wicked way, or me throwing him over something and me having my wicked way. I cared little. In whatever way, I wanted him and to possess him in some way. To envelope him in my arms, or he me. I am your Cinderella and it is not yet midnight. We'll make babies and I will love them to death because they will be just like you. If you feel the need to smack me around a bit to keep me in line, I will forgive you. STOP RIGHT THERE. I AM GOING TO FAR.

Ah well, you gotta do something with your head to pass the time during an otherwise particularly boring day at work.


  1. Dear me......Time for a little Long Service Leave, I think.

  2. For a honeymoon with my new beau Victor?

  3. too are you ever going to get any work done???

  4. It sounds as if he is already walking that walk!

  5. Cold spoons!!!!

  6. Ha! You should listen to Asher Keddie as the obstetrician Nina Proudman in the series Offspring. Her internal conversations are hilarious, but they can drive a person nuts :)

  7. Awww, isn't that romantic?? :P :)

  8. woohoo nothing better than someone to day dream about to make the day less dull/go faster!

  9. I hope you got some work done in between all that fantasizing, you don't want to create a bad impression.
    He must be gorgeous, do we get pictures?

  10. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Well men do think of sex every thirty seconds, it's been rumoured...


  11. IWBY, I won't see him often. I'll enjoy it when I do.

    Linda, in my head.

    Jayne, hasn't hubby jumped on your bones of late?

    Hels, I have not seen it but I keep hearing about it from Dina in the US. I guess it is on pay tv here. It does sound like it is an interesting show.

    Nope Marina, it was pure lust.

    Fen, that's what I thought. While I was listening intently, I wasn't really hearing.

    River, you are at times so wicked. I never thought to take a discreet snap.

    Michael, depends a bit on your age I think. I think I have cracked the one minute mark now I am older.

  12. Yeah...Hels is right. This post is like an episode of Offspring.

    And you crack me up with the one minute (versus 30 seconds thing).

    Hope you're able to get your work done between those minutes.

  13. Dina, men are not supposed to be able to multi task, but they do it all the time because their brains are thinking of one thing, while they are doing something else.