Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Laugh with your Mum

Evidently Feminoz's mother has dementia. It is not all bad. She can still enjoy her mother's company and have a laugh. I won't mention about her new toy boy, who is older than her.

My Mother doesn't have dementia. Perhaps it would be easier if she did. But at the recent social event, her friend's sixtieth, like Feminoz can have a laugh at or with her mother, Mother made us all laugh, if only by her predictability. Her nieces and nephew do not call her Nanna Fud (extraction of fuddy duddy) for no reason.

We were outside the venue and Mother was coming out through an open out glass door. 'Watch this!' I said to all in advance. She pulled, she pushed and then realised she had to turn the handle down, and then she pulled again. Finally she worked out that handle needed to be down and she needed to push. My prediction was deadly accurate.

But she went one better, and I did not predict this. The door closed on her dress and she was yanked backwards as she started to walk towards us. By now, thirty odd people were watching her. We just laughed.

Like all mothers, mine gave me a fair share of embarrassment when I was a teen. Now I just laugh at her silliness, which I know she uses calculatingly at times, usually to good effect.


  1. Confuscious Say...May you live long enough to be an embarrassment to your kids.
    Ro says...Dementia isn't so bad, you keep meeting new friends every day.

  2. Don't know about yours Jayne, but mine started embarrassing me at a very young age.

  3. What a hoot that must have been.

  4. My late mother provided plenty of unintentional laughs when she had dementia. Our chuckles were always good natured and offset any feelings of distress at her condition.

    I think most teenagers find their parents embarrassing but we do grow out of it as we mature.

  5. HHHMMMmmm... that's a brave admission! Does your mother know you're on to her calculated use of 'silliness'???

  6. She does amuse MC.

    Apart from Maggie Bear, Victor, a workmate told me at the time some of the funny things her father did when he suffered from dementia. You are right, you get over it as you or they get older. Except, I wish my mother would not put her panty hose on in her lounge room before we take her out. There are some things sons do not want to see.

    I think she does Red. I win at times, like when I told when I wanted a visitor to leave, I ask them if the want a cup of whatever before they go. It took a minute for it to sink in, and then she said, you do that to me.