Friday, August 26, 2011

A laugh to start your weekend

I thoroughly disapprove of racist humour. I will have no truck with it all. It is not necessary and by using racist humour, you indicate your lack of intellect and no real skill at being funny. But me being Australian, I can take the proverbial out of my own country folk.

So, a man was admiring the work of two Australians, Paddy and Mick. Paddy was digging a hole in the street and then Mick was filling them in. The man had watched them for some time and eventually approached them and told them what a fine job the industrious pair were doing.

'But fellahs, why are you digging a hole and then filling it in again?'

'It's our job,' replied Paddy. 'There's no reason for us to bludge just because Seamus the tree planter didn't come to work'.

But wait, there is more.

After Paddy and Mick finished their hard day's work, there were to meet there fellow Aussie tradie mates, Sean and Ryan at the local pub for some after work beers. After waiting a while at the pub, Ryan called Paddy and apologised for not turning up and explained that he and Sean had been unavoidably detained.


  1. Sean, Ryan, Paddy and Mick....Aussie humour....mmmmmmmm....really?

  2. Victor, given that the Irish guv and the highflyers and speculators have turned Ireland into a basket case, I used fifth generation Irish heritage Australians instead. It didn't seem fair to pick on Irish atm.

  3. Well pull my other shillelagh!

  4. Amazing am 5th generation as well and almost 100% Irish - the Irish are happy to poke fun at themselves - which many other nations aren't... my Pommie friend really bristles when I mention the term "Pommie Bath" ;)

  5. MC, yes, some English are very sensitive, and some not. I am sure the Irish know we poke fun with affection.


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