Friday, August 19, 2011

A laugh to start your weekend

When I was quite young, someone near and dear used to sing this song. Pity I can't remember who it was.

The audio on the original recording was not great and you really need to catch the words properly. Cover versions were very variable and did not seem to hit the right spot. It is a funny music hall style song and not meant to be sung seriously.

And then I found Shirley and Pauline's attempt. What you don't hear clearly, you can read in the subtitles. It must have been such a laugh if you were there.


  1. Forget fancy sound equipment or hours of carefully edited film, there is nothing in the world that beats a warts and all live moment that is shared like this.

    Thanks Andrew, great find!

  2. Peter, do you think there might be a similar performance in your country?

    Great find FruitCake? I thought so, so that is why I shared it. Yours is the second comment, but I know many have watched it from my blog. I expect I will directly receive an email from one of their daughters. It is par for the course.