Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting a good old rough Montmorency ride

I am privileged to be born into a first world country. I am not a very hungry fifty year old watching his child starve to death.

Hawthorn is playing at the Gee tomorrow, so naturally Sister will attend and we will have Little Jo to care for. I would like to do craft, said she. Three hours of craft is too long. We will take her to the sand park and have a chino and probably some chips too. It might be more fun to take her on a rollicking train ride.

I try to keep a sense of perspective about starving children in Africa, but I often fail. But I also fail to see how this train is a first world suburban train. It is nonsense that a passenger could be injured by the rollicking train. They are well insulated from what the undercarriage does, but it does not look good and nor does it look safe. What a ripper clip though. Of course noted is that it is a single track section. How primitive. Now when is the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival? I wanna ride on this train line.


  1. I also worry about the starving peoples of our world, especially the children. I think back to the "Band-Aid" days when songs were written and concerts held and tons of goods, money and food were shipped to places like Africa, only to have them sit on the wharves undistributed because the governments of the time were too busy arguing about when and how the bounty was to be distributed and to whom, while most of the money went into their own pockets.
    And I despair of living in a first world country with internet connections and speeds that don't compare favourably with Europe or Asia and public transport that is so poor most people refuse to use it.

  2. Whee, it's like a little roller coaster ride for the paying (and not so paying) public.

  3. Steam train shuttle rides between Hurstbridge and Eltham for the Wattle Festival on Sunday ;)

  4. River, R was remembering back to when he was a kiddie in England in the fifties and how they were fundraising at school for the starving kids in Africa. How much money has the west poured into the continent, to apparently no avail. Perhaps we shouldn't. Just a thought. Yes, re net. You are struggling where you are. I expect you will be there for a long time, so you need to sort it out.

    Yep Fen. A good entertainment.

    Up to speed now Jayne. Cheers.