Thursday, August 04, 2011

Down down

Little Jo does not see commercial tv. She does not hear commercial radio. Yet nonetheless, she has picked up the Coles supermarket advertising campaign and gleefully sings Down Down.

She tried to shove some paper into our paper shredder when on her last visit. Sister and Bone Doctor over-reacted and instilled into the horrors of what the paper shredder could do to her fingers. R locked it off and we stayed silent. Later I looked at the paper shredder. There is no way a kid's fingers can fit into the slot. But how did she know how to shove paper into a paper shredder? Not from us. Sister does not have one. She wouldn't have seen it on tv. Maybe she has seen it at her occasional daycare place?

The brain of a child is like a monster sponge. I cannot believe what Little Jo has already absorbed in knowledge.

Like it or lump it, advertising gets to us, one way or t'other.

(note to self. Bring up Petula's song on Uchube and play it loud and sing along with Little Jo to the original)


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Not a patch on Pet Clark and the original 60s version, but still catchy!!

    Yes, an introduction to the original is definitely called for. And, just wait until Little Jo sees the black eyeliner, the bouffant hair, the miniskirt and black leather........then your sister will really have something to be concerned about!!

  2. Kids soak up advertising jingles first time and forever. Think of how many you can think of from the shows you watched as a kid...?

    "Don't wait to be told - you need Palmolive Gold!"

  3. JayLa, you made me laugh. Sister is passionate about sports, and Little Jo is showing no interest. Will she be the antithesis of her mother.

    Not sure what you are talking about Kath. Really, how old do you think I am!!! I'm no mess Charlie and I'm soaking in it, like liquid into chalk.

  4. Ahhh, pity they removed the alt version of that ad from YT "Up yours, independant stores" with the big red hand giving a big red birdie.

  5. Lol Jayne. I missed it then.