Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dame Maggie

I consider Jane and Lance among the elite of bloggers. While they don't post daily, when they do, they get perhaps 150 comments and they respond to every comment, as well as reading the blogs of many who comment. Truly amazing. Psst, they actually seem to be quite nice too.

So when Jane and Lance commented about Maggie Smith on my post about Melbourne Open House, I was about to respond with pointing out the Australian connection to Dame Maggie. Yet, I did not find the connection at Wikipedia. What was in my mind? I thought she was born here, but no, I am entirely wrong. Obviously she has been to Australia. Hmm, puzzling.

Then I started reading through her film and tv bio. Wow. It is like a history of movie and tv shows I have seen in my adult life and really liked. I seem to recall her playing Lady Bracknell on tv once too. Quite a career.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Travels with My Aunt

Death on the Nile

Evil Under the Sun

A Room with a View

Talking Heads

Sister Act

Richard III

The First Wives Club

Tea with Mussolini

Gosford Park

My House in Umbria

Ladies in Lavender

Downton Abbey


  1. All three are amazing -- Maggie Smith as well as Jane and Lance.

  2. Love Dame Maggie, she has such a dry delivery :)
    You may be thinking of Aussie-born Dame Judith Anderson?

  3. Hello Andrew:
    You are exceptionally kind and generous to us, far, far more than we deserve. As for being nice, see us in the Post Office when, having queued for seemingly days, and we reach the front only to have that little green curtain pulled across which, effectively, says 'This position is closed'!!

    Maggie Smith who, as we remarked, is a great chum of our friend B, we first saw countless years ago in the role of Hedda in Hedda Gabler at the Cambridge in London. She was superb and, in our view, never bettered.

  4. Linda, all are accomplished performers, meant in the kindest way.

    The name did not ring a bell Jayne, but I looked her up and there was the person in her bio who I think I was thinking of, Zoe Caldwell.

    JayLa, that must be back in old blighty. Surely they would not do that in Hungary.

  5. Maggie is awesome and she often plays a similar character type and does it SO well. Love her.

  6. Maggie Smith? The name rings a bell, but I can't put a face to it.
    I'll google.

  7. Fen, it is a curious thing about English female actors, and maybe male ones too, they seem to just play themselves in whatever role they are in. As well as the character, you feel like you are also watching the real person.

    River, you will have seen her in something, I am sure.

  8. she is a gorgeous old Dame and was a gorgeous young dame - see The VIPs - she played Aussie Rod Taylors secretary and he is on record saying he had a crush on her. She won a Newcomer award and it was her 3rd film and a great one.

  9. Ok Ann. It is not a movie I knew about.

  10. Interesting that Ann O'Dyne reports that Rod Taylor had a crush on Maggie Smith they acted in The VIPs because her character in the film secretly has a crush on his character.

    Andrew, 'The VIPs' was a hit film in the heyday of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship. They and a wealth of other stars featured as passengers 'with backgrounds' grounded at Heathrow by a flight delay.

    Another British Grand Dame Margaret Rutherford also featured.

  11. Victor, I certainly remember Dame Margaret. Sometimes a ten year age gap can make quite a difference with popular culture.

  12. 'Another British Grand Dame Margaret Rutherford also featured' yes Victor she sure did and got an Academy Award for it. The excellent screenplay was by terrence rattigan who wrote Goodbye Mr Chips and Separate Tables, no slouch he.
    Maggie Smith was brilliant doing the (brilliant) Alan Bennett monologues which have been on ABCTV as well as at Her Majestys in 2004. His new story SMUT is just screaming out to be filmed and I can recommend it as hilarious and witty.

  13. Agreed that she always seems to play the same role, but she is good at what she does.

    And of course all the kids, well any one under about 25 would know her as Mrs McGonagall in the Harry Potter octalogy.

  14. Octalogy Ben? That means there were eight? Last weekend things were a bit tense in the highrise, and I vaguely watched an HP movie that was on tv. Not to my taste at all.