Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A choo choo to Avalon

The nice thing about catching a flight from Avalon Airport is its smallness. It is easy to park there and just walk to the terminal. The parking is cheap too, or was.

Is it owned by LinFox? They are certainly a major shareholder. It is interesting to note that the State Government is proceeding with its intent to build a railway line to Avalon. I assume it would be a spur line from the Geelong line, so it would not cost too much to build. A few new trains and staffing, not too much. If it was slotted in between Geelong trains and stopped at Werribee, it could alleviate overcrowding on Geelong train services.

But why is the government so focused on building a train line to Avalon when we so desperately need one to Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine?

It is extraordinary that a city getting on for five million people does not have a train service to its major international airport. It is only the seriously rich who are satisfied with Melbourne Airport.

Some of us get taxis to the airport, at a high cost. Taxi drivers rip off international tourists on a regular basis.

I believe you can catch the bus that circles Melbourne's perimeter but it dumps you in the middle of nowhere near the airport entrance.

Regular airport buses run from Southern Cross Station to the airport. The price is high, they are crowded and inconvenient and get caught in freeway traffic jams. I may be wrong, but I am not sure that they service late night flights.

Drive your car and park? The parking price is very high. The carpark is a long way from the airport, and so you need to use the very unreliable courtesy bus. I personally know of people who have allowed plenty of time, yet missed their flight because of the unreliability of the car park bus.

We should have a train to catch to the airport and it should be part of our public transport system and not charge absurd prices like Sydney's and Brisbane's airport trains charge.

I am getting extremely wearied by investigations, planning and feasibility studies. Just build the damn thing as part of the public transport system and people will flock to it.

Ah, but what about taxi owners? What about the airport bus shareholders? What about City Link (the motorway) shareholders? What about the privately run airport that charges huge parking fees?

Oh, do they vote Liberal and have influence?

It would be funny, except that the supposed public transport friendly Labor Party had been in office for umpteen years and had the opportunity to do it. Oh again, the Labor Party is under the influence of private company shareholders too.


  1. Skybus does run 24 hours a day (half-hourly overnight). But yes, it does get over-crowded. http://www.skybus.com.au/

  2. Hear, hear, build the bloody thing already.
    Tough titties about the taxi owners et el; they can all go the same way as the dinosaurs...and much-needed conductors.

  3. I was working at Sydney Airport when the train line opened there. We workers were shocked at the premium ticket prices set for that line on the dubious argument that the premium enabled the private owners to maintain their stations in a beautiful condition in contrast to the far poorer state of the stations maintained by the Government.

    Even more shocking and ridiculous was that the Government maintained a timetable that did not enable the early shift workers to reach the airport by train in time for their shift start. As a consequence airport workers had to continue to drive to work rather than travel by train.

  4. My my, such cynicism ... can't imagine why ANYONE would be cynical, given the amount of self-congratulation as evidenced by all the 'how good are we' signs all levels of government spatter all over anything they've done!! Surely all these signs prove they've actually achieved stuff???

  5. I'm going to Sydders next year and I bet the parking cost as much as the bloody airfare.

    http://www.ptua.org.au/myths/citylink.shtml - interesting reading re the c'link / airport thing

  6. Ok Daniel. It must be the one that passes here that does not service late or early flights. Catching a crowded bus with a suit case does not make a great start to a holiday. You are stressed before you get to the airport.

    Jayne, it must be nearly time for me have another taxi rant.

    Victor, I puzzled for a moment why you would work at Sydney Airport, but it came to me. It is a reflection on the government that all stations are not maintained so well. The train should have at least been subsided for airport staff to make it competitive with whatever parking fee you had to pay, assuming you did.

    Red, if they are going to put signs up for everything they have done, there are precious few signs.

    Fen, I'll read that tomorrow. I have probably read it already. We always look in advance at what the parking will cost, as against a cab, although we have used the airport bus too. A cab is usually a bit dearer, but sometimes the convenience of it is a winning point.

  7. It will cost me about $70 for parking for 4 days! No idea what a taxi would cost, but I'm tipping it would be heaps more from my house.

  8. Taxi fare from here is about $70 Fen, but split in half, is not so bad. Yep, go for the car park. Did I miss something? Where are you going?

  9. Just to Sydney in January to visit my old friend.

  10. Yep, learnt that since.


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