Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cadel in Melbourne

World champion Australian cyclist and Tour de France winner Cadel Evans has rather old hands for his age.

Our friend from Japan made me stand in Exhibition Street holding up the mask. Oh, the humiliation of it all.


  1. But you look so cute with that amc cap, or is it bmc?

  2. When he's riding his bike the hands get bombarded with loads of sunlight, that makes the look older. LOL !!!

    At least LOOK in the camera!

  3. Hello Andrew:
    You are either more easily persuaded, or much braver, than we are!!

  4. but your eyes, where are your eyes?

  5. Whatever Linda, it will be advertising.

    Of course Peter. That did not occur to me. Well, I was looking.

    JayLa, she bullied me to do it!

    Fen, hanging out of their sockets I expect. Not unusual.

  6. be aware of his fan ...

  7. Anonymous11:20 pm

    You sully my good name, sir! I've never bullied anyone! V.

  8. Quite so Bali. Beware of my fan.

    V, actively encouraged? With a stick!


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