Thursday, August 25, 2011

About Town

If you walk about the fair city of Melbourne, don't just go about your business, look around. There is a lot to see. You can look up and see what few people bother to see. But even ground level has plenty of interest, well for me anyway.

Young people may wonder what this water is for. It is for passers by to water their horses. Watering your horse does not mean holding a watering can full of water over the horse, but simply giving the horse a drink. In my experience dogs quite like to drink from them too and after a hot hour of chasing errant cattle around, jumping into the water trough is the dog's preferred method of cooling off.

I have posted a photo of this lovely old building before (third photo down) which is now a bar or cafe or both. There are three or four of these odd baskets of terracotta pots.

The old Russell Street Police Headquarters, from back in the good old days before there was any police corruption. What? For some reason the radio mast, for D24, reminds me of RKO pictures. As well as being associated with the tv show Homicide, it was the site of a huge bomb blast (oh, I've written about that too). Now it is smart apartments student accommodation but has retained its beautiful exterior.

Funny, I always imagined Bennetts Lane Jazz Club to be, well, in Bennetts Lane. Instead I find it in Latrobe Street. Ah, a map tells me Bennetts Lane is in behind the frontage. Anway, I don't like trilling trumpets, bellowing bugles or crying clarinets. I am so not a kool cat.

My Store Myer, well not anymore. Not that bit anyway. I just googled their advertising slogan, My Store Myer, and found my own post from last year. The open fireplace and chimney are interesting. I would guess it was a boiler firing fireplace. I don't think that part was actually the Myer store.


  1. I thought the water might be for the horses. :)

  2. You are quite right about looking at our own city with the eyes of a visitor. Otherwise we miss important stuff.

    The old Russell Street Police Headquarters was rock solid, bulked up, not to be messed with. Your attachment said Homicide was the most important and most popular drama series ever produced in Australia - IT WAS! For years young men stood with their legs apart, and wore those silly hats :)

  3. Ah, pork pie hats rocked!
    And those Ford Falcons went sideways around corners with such flair and elan!
    I thought boilers were usually in the basement/cellar? Or were they hiding the bodies...?

  4. hey, I walked past that water trough earlier this week on my way from my workplace to the blood bank. Small world!

  5. Hello Andrew:
    We do so much enjoy your posts which take us around Melbourne [and other places too] for it is always of interest to observe the architecture, and oddities, of places about which one has only read. You really do live in a fascinating city.

  6. Love those little tidbits of ones howmetown. [Sometimes] its good to see your own town throug the eyes of a visitor.

  7. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Hope that water trough tap doesn't lead to the Yarra....:)

  8. I love checking things out and noticing stuff. I find that people are really unobservant. I like that you're not :)

  9. Horse watering troughs aren't something commonly seen these days. Like hitching posts, they're few and far between. I like seeing photos of things that most people don't take notice of.

  10. Hi Andrew from southern central UK. Love the outdoor bar/eatery area shot. Outdoor cooking and eating is a bit of a weakness of mine. I'm constantly seeking out new ideas and inspiration for maybe starting up a small biz over here, designing and constructing outdoor cook and eat areas. Your clans down there in Oz & Melbourne, probably wrote the first testament on the subject.

  11. Linda, yes, not for washing your smalls in.

    Hels, I remember Homicide with great fondness, but it does not hold up well now.

    Jayne, taxpayers are paying for that rubber they are leaving on the road un-necessarily. Maybe it is just a fire place, but it is a very large one.

    We've trodden the same path, so to speak Raelene. It is a private matter as to whether you were making a blood deposit or withdrawal, so I shan't ask.

    Thanks JayLa. I think there is something everywhere to interest some people.

    Peter, I try to do that, and to forget the beautiful buildings that have been demolished to erect glass boxes.

    Anon, I bet it does. Straight into the gutter, down the hill and into the river.

    Fen, while I don't always come up with an answer, I often look at things and say to myself, why?

    River, I did not see any troughs in Adelaide. Do you let your horses go thirsty?

    Hi BBB. Welcome. Ah, maybe Italy invented outdoor eating first, but we did embrace it quite early. It received a good push along when smoking was no longer allowed indoors.