Friday, July 01, 2011

Pull 'em up laddie

Something light on a Friday evening to precede the weekend. Let me find a photo. A picture tells a thousand words.
A sagger, one who wears their jeans very low slung. He looks quite nice, but if he was walking along the street wearing a shirt with his pants like this............well, no not him really. He is wearing his low slung jeans with style. Let me find another photo. Yes, this will almost do. I am hard pressed to find a photo of someone wearing their jeans in particularly ridiculous manner, hip hop style excepted. His trousers look a bit silly. I so want to tell young men of their clothing malfunction.

Excuse me young man. Your trousers are falling down. You need to hitch them up. No, not the token adjustment that you constantly indulge in, but pull them up properly. You look particularly inelegant when you run with your phone in one hand and holding up your jeans with the other. Allow me to hoy them up for you. There, now tighten your belt. See, you can reach things in your pockets now and even put your hands in your pockets and not just your fingertips.

Care needs to be taken in the US state of Louisiana where it was proposed that the wearing of jeans in such a matter should be illegal.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Doubtless this fashion trend, which we find less than appealing, will, like so much else, be short lived.

  2. Jane and Lance may be too hopeful. This fashion seems to have been around for a long time now.

    I have seen some men recently with their pants so low that their entire underpants clad backside has been exposed.

    Whilst that sight has some attraction to a gay man like myself I can't help but wonder how uncomfortable it must be to go about dressed in that fashion.

  3. Would you like a photo of me walking down the street with my pants half way down to my ankles, sagger-like? No I guessed not :) You can do this when you're young thought... can't you?

  4. I really, really, really, hate this low-slung pants look.
    If you want to show off your underpants, then just leave the jeans off altogether.
    One day someone wearing these low-slungs will have them slide down completely and trip him up.

  5. J&L, it has been around for a good time now, as Victor says below.

    I have seen that too Victor. Dreaded Nephew nearly goes that far. You are right, it does look uncomfortable.

    James, I am sure you would look hot as, but, well I am jaded.

    Ho ho. River would have young men running around in their underwear. Sadly I haven't seen any trip up.

  6. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Rest assured that fad is so 3 years back in Asia.
    Anyone who's still adopting it would be laughed off as being a hip-hop artist wanna be.


  7. Ok Michael. I bow to your greater knowledge of fashion. I wish you inform some young Australians of the same.

  8. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Whos the first guy?