Monday, July 04, 2011

Pc Update

We have decided to have a Windows reload for our present computer. Two and half years old is not enough to send it out to pasture. I have spent a good few hours saving what is on it and then dragging Methuselah out from the wardrobe and plugging it it. Now I remember why we bought the new one. Still, Methuselah is more stable than the newer one in its present ailing condition.

I am wondering whether to get a new and bigger hard drive though. 250gb is not very big today, when a single 'movie' can be over 1gb. I am also hoping we can move up from XP to Windows 7. It will be one or two days before I can pick it up. I won't have much time before we set off on holidays to make the new system how I like it. Doesn't matter really, since we won't be here to use it.

Now, if you have invented a computer that will last for say six years, without any attention or problems, please let me know. I would like one that just works, and keeps working.


  1. I have a Dell desktop that has been chugging away quite happily for 7 years at least. We also have 4 Dell laptops that have been quite happy for the last 4. Mine has even survived a full cup of coffee dumped on it, luckily for the husband :)

    I also have an Acer laptop that I gave to D2 and it's fine, has to be at least 6 yrs old.

    All of the above get heavy daily use and abuse.

  2. Ask again in 2 1/2 years. I'm hoping my Toshiba laptop hangs in there for 6 years, but will have to wait and see.

  3. Antikva, you surely have to reload the operating system at times?

    Linda, oddly I hear of more really old laptops than I do of desktops.

  4. No, I've never had to Andrew. I update regularly, run antivirus, backup to usb and have upgraded to the next version but have never had to reload the OS from scratch. I also run disk cleanup & defrag when it needs it. But that's it.

    The other thing I do is clean out the temp cache whenever I think of it as well as the browser cache. Quite often it is those 2 culprits that cause pc's to run slowly. Also I check the startup folder to check that only what I want is in there.

  5. Pretty well just as I do, yet still the machine is lazy after only two and a half years.

  6. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Buy a Mac.

  7. Probably wise words Anon. I should have years ago, but I am too used to what I know now.


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