Thursday, July 07, 2011

Old buildings

I like old buildings and the history within their walls. Apparently so does one of my younger relatives, who might have entered an old six storey building that is undergoing renovation and climbed up into the tower that sits atop the building. The young man sat for sometime in the tower with a friend and gazed around at the city.

I don't want to spoil it for others who want to do the same, just exploring of course and not vandalising, so I won't name the building, but those within may well have produced a Melbourne daily newspaper until the paper closed in 1957.


  1. Melbourne had such stunning buildings once. No wonder this city was the architectural wonder of the world.

    Most of the vandalism didn't start till WW2 ended and there was an urgent desire for modernity :( I remember seeing Whelan The Wrecker Is Here on everything in the 1950s!

    I hope the Argus building is not razed to the ground and something hideous built in its place. But who can be confident of saving heritage, when developers get going.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Melbourne always seems to us, from what we have read and seen, a most attractive city containing some superb architecture. Clearly, though, much is under threat, as elsewhere, from developers. All very alarming.

  3. Next time he wants to sit in an old tower, suggest he take a camera and takes photos of the views. and photos of the building he's in as well. In the name of history of course.

  4. I can guess. What a cool thing to want to do.

  5. Hels, I am pretty sure it is safe now. If you follow the link, it tells that it is being renovated as an overseas student education building. There were truly some terrible losses of buildings in the last century. Hang on, we are still losing them.

    J&L, I like to think is it quite nice. It does not hit you in the face with the beauty of Sydney and its harbour, but Melbourne was, maybe still is, one of the finest city of boom time Victorian architecture in the world.

    I told him that straight away River. He said, next time.

    Ann, about a month ago he and a mate climbed to the top of a silo in a western suburb. Two weeks later he did a mega dive into a pool of water somewhere near Pants.


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