Saturday, July 02, 2011

I must have kicked a ........

Well, I certainly got the hat trick today.

1/ Chemist Warehouse. Waited ages for our scripts to be filled, and then they missed one of mine. We had a lot to do, and we just could not wait any longer. I will go back at a quieter time, like I normally do.

2/ Chemist Warehouse still. I go to pay with my card. No card. It is lost. I had another card to pay with or R could have paid. Called and cancelled the card. So long as it has not been used, no big deal really. I doubt I dropped it in the street anywhere. It will turn up, but is now useless. I always put it in the same place in my wallet and it is a real mystery to me as to how it has vanished from my wallet.

3/ I was reading through your blog posts and a virus alert popped up. Then several popped up. The virus checker dealt with them. I decided to do a full computer scan, and it went downhill from there. Eventually all I was left with was a bare blue desktop. Restart, half the icons are missing, some of the remaining ones are greyed out, but still work. There is nothing in the start menu programmes, but the programmes are still all there and usable. I have spent a several hours searching for info on the net, but to not much avail. I have managed to make the computer usable, but it is pretty sick.

Funnily we were discussing about getting a new computer. This one is 2 years and six months old. I decided to wait for three years. There wasn't anything wrong with this one that a Windows reload would not have fixed, but I think I would like to move on from XP to Windows 7 and have a nice new clean machine. R is struggling with $$$ at the moment. I will just pay for it myself.

Now, tomorrow. In a week's time it is Little Jo's fourth birthday. Things are planned and arranged, which don't involve us. Mother refused to travel down to the Bellarine for Little Jo's birthday and asked if we could just catch up here at our place for a modest celebration. It has rather gotten out of hand.

Tradie Brother
Ex Sis in Law
Ex Sis in Law's beau
Ex Sis in Law's beau's two daughters
ABI Brother
Bone Doctor
Little Jo
Dreaded Nephew
Oldest Niece
Oldest niece's beau
Chainsaw niece

Sixteen! Worse, are normal Saturday night dinner out did not happen, so I said to friends, just drop in Sunday afternoon if you like.

Lordy. I think we have spent about $80 on food already, plus $30 on balloons and Sister will have probably spent $30. Sorry starving Biafrans, it is not your week.

I don't think we have had such a family get together since R's last significant birthday. Oh yeah, we have. For Sis in Law's mother's funeral.

Why do we bring such stress on ourselves?


  1. Do you want a desktop or laptop? Officeworks is decent for laptops, just shop around online and do your research. Steer clear of Hardly Normal.

    Avast is a good antivirus (& free), but you're right, it may be easier to rebuild or just buy a new rig.

  2. Funny. I'm in the middle of re loading Windows XP on this 3.5 year old PC right now. Moving to a bigger hard drive. I've been at it since about 10:30 this morning apart from a 2 hour break this afternoon. Mostly backing up and re loading data and settings. Will be happy when it's over.

  3. Sorry about your virus and computer problems : ( That's stressful.

    And both waiting and losing cards really sucks.

  4. The dinner will be the kind of stress that is well-meant. Come around for dinner! Of course! But then there's the cooking and cleaning and shopping...

    It will all go well. :-)


  5. Dreaded nephew and chainsaw niece--that's too funny.
    My laptop is on its 4th year and I worry about it because I can't afford a new PC right now. I'm thinking about simply getting a netbook.
    That's such a drag about the virus!
    Have fun at the party!

  6. Desktop Fen. We have bought very little at HN. I don't like it much. I don't think our previous place can be beaten, the one that moved from St Kilda to Moorabbin.

    Thanks Dina. I've certainly had better days.

    Hi Pearl. It should be a good day. It did kind of snowball out of control. We will be glad when the last person leaves.

    Linda, when we next travel overseas, we will need a light computer, not the heavy laptop. I like the look of netbooks. The names suit them, nephew has dreadlocks and niece has a license to operate a chainsaw, which is kind of funny because she is vague at times.

  7. Ben, that is what I dread, backing everything up and then getting it be like you are used to. I guess you have it licked by now.

  8. urgh what a day..hope its looking up for you now. the family get together sounds a hoot.

  9. Heres to laugh - sounds like a real circus - but I bet you really "love" it all

  10. IWBY, it was a bit of a hoot. Good day.

    MC, circus is a good word and that was what it was like.