Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I is returned

I has high pressure and environmentally irresponsible water wasting shower, with hot hot water blasting at me that does not run out.

I has replaced the disturbing roar of jet planes taking off with the soothing rumble of passing trams.

I has a proper big computer with fast internet.

I has big tv screen and ABC Melbourne radio.

I has place that does not need heating overnight.

I has a tap that propels soft and odourless water to fill my water bottle.

I did has a great holiday, but

I is always happy to get home.


  1. PICS or your holiday never happened.

    (welcome back)

  2. Hello Andrew:
    WE are happy for you!!

  3. Welcome home Andrew and R, you're own bed sleeps the best!

  4. You are most kind AdRad.

    Cummin at ya soon Fen :)

    JayLa, I expect you are very much the same after to return to either of your homes. I thank you.

  5. Home is where the heart is and where creature comforts wait for us :-).

  6. Click those ruby slippers and chant the old truth "There's no place like home!"

  7. Coming home always makes me wonder why I left, but then time makes us want to venture out and see new things. Glad, you is home.

  8. I await lots of dazzling posts

  9. Getting home is always the best, even for those of us living in Adelaide where the water is hard and doesn't taste nice. Looking forward to seeing photos you took.
    You did take photos?

  10. Thanks all. River, I may have taken one or two photos.

  11. Like Jayne, I immediately thought of Dorothy ... wonder why??!!

  12. Glad you're back!

    Sometimes it's nice to get back home after a holiday, and sometimes it's not. I guess it depends on the holiday, and what's waiting for us at home.

  13. Red, apparently I am a friend of Dorothy.

    Dina, I am always glad to return home, after an hour or five weeks.