Friday, July 01, 2011

Here today, gone tomorrow

The Dalia Lama has been to Australia. The first time I recall him visiting Australia, VicRoads took control of their traffic lights and gave him a clear run. Never mind that I sat at a red light for five minutes. Even old Betty did not get such treatment from VicRoads when I saw her just but passing by. She had police at all intersections to clear the traffic and she didn't travel to Springvale like the Dalia.

The Dalia novelty seems to have worn off a little. He is an amusing bloke though, with such an infectious laugh. Melbourne's top rating breakfast radio announcer seemed to be a bit sceptical about the old Dalia and his marketing prowess.

Broadcaster Faine this morning queried our PM about gay marriage and her opposition to changing the marriage act. To his credit, he pinned her down to her saying it was not a politically pragmatic opinion, but a personally held belief. Well done Faino, but then he screwed up by suggesting that because she is LIVING IN SIN (my words) with a man, that her view on gay marriage should be different. I don't see the connection at all.

So, now I know where I stand with Julia insofar as gay marriage goes. I don't care about it, but a lot of fellow gays and lesbians do. I'm not the marrying kind.

Back to the Dalia. He is a religious bloke at the end of the day, but he does talk wisely. His politics are shaky though as he did not know our PM is a woman. Our PM did not meet him. I approve. The less we have to do with religion, the better, and ditto for her. I hope she remembers this should old Ratzinger visit again. Thankfully Jews and Muslims don't seem to have heads to visit and bother people. I suppose Betty is head of the protestant church? Certainly the Church of England.

PS I just remembered a very important Jewish leader visited and with Melbourne's main synagogue opposite us, that did cause some traffic problems. At least he did not preach to the non converted.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Be grateful, we say, that your traffic is only held up on the occasion of the visit of the Dalai Lama. In Budapest, whole roads are blocked off for the lowliest of EU ministers as well as a contingent of police vehicles in support with flashing lights and sirens. We think that the Hungarians really love the sound of sirens!!

  2. If the visitor is a head of state or head of a ginormous world church, then he/she should be welcomed by our head of state. That is what the governor general is for.

    If the prime minister gets involved, you might well suggest that the visitor does have political agendas *nod*.

  3. At least the Dalia, or the Dalai, whichever way the wind blows, seems to have learned how to make money. Oh, but I guess he learned that a long time ago. It is so funny how people want to have someone holy to look up to. I'm glad to hear the traffic wasn't totally insane. As you say, he has a cute laugh. What more could anyone ask for?

  4. I'm all for gay marriage and it shouldn't be prevented by the church, governments or any other organization :-).

  5. The DL seems to visit us a lot. I don't think it makes any difference to the Chinese Government's attitude to the so called Tibet Autonomous Region even though they always huff and puff about anyone meeting His Holiness (or whatever his courtesy title is).

    Funny how the Chinese Government thinks nothing of telling us who we should not meet. They wouldn't be as sanguine about Australia telling them who not to meet. On second thoughts they might be relieved to be instructed not to meet Tony Abbott.

  6. Anonymous7:04 pm

    she has lost my vote over it.
    Here is what I know. Superannuation can only be bequeathed to a relative by blood or marriage.
    so when Joolya has been shacked up with Timmy for 30 years and has THOUSANDS of super dollars and she dies - he doesn't get it. because they are not related.

    This was the situation (from decades ago) that triggered the early gay marriage movement.

    X X X Annie O'D

  7. good old Dahlia, floating in the breeze, gently nodding his head.

  8. J&L, Australia truly is the lucky country. We don't get traffic stopped for even the Prime Minister.

    Hels, quite correct. Job of GG. Anything more is political.

    Linda. Dalai or Dalia. I like the latter. I checked online and the opposite seemed to be right. Bit odd really.

    Nice words Windsmoke, but I think the point is that religious organisations can do as they like, but governments should recognise.

    Victor, to the corner for heresy. The Chinese buy our coal and steel and our land and must be beyond critisism. You need to thing who is paying your pension.

    Ann, super had been sorted out and is now equitable. Pensions for gay people has not been. Apparently if R stops working, I am supposed to keep him. Not right. We have always kept our finances separate and have never been financially dependent on either and nor have we had any benefits of couples.

    Fen, gone down in my estimation.

  9. Surely you're not suggesting that church and state should be separate, are you?!?! Or if they ARE connected, then ALL religions should be treated the same by government??

    These are radical thoughts, my friend ...

  10. Red, I would like them to be treated equally. All taken down to level of fortune tellers.