Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

I don't stand on my feet all day. I don't work in retail. I respect people who do. My feet are sore. I have been on them all day. I stood for a bit on the cold balcony tiles and my feet feel a bit better.

Little Jo's party went well. We are just so exhausted though. The Highrise in night light looks ok, but tomorrow I will have to remove ground in chocolate cake from the carpet. Hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water.

There is an American word which I can't quite recall. Something like honery.The whole day was planned to suit Mother, but she was honery. Little Jo was blamed for the dumping of some chicken bones on the carpet, but Mother's grand children observed Mother spilling her chicken bones on to the carpet and called her to account.

When Mother visits the Highrise, she usually lingers and we press her to leave, but today she wanted to leave early. C'mon Nanna. We are going down to play tennis. She took one step out onto the podium where the facilities are and it was too windy for her.

Much fun was had on the tennis court, and then ABI Brother who was taking Mother home reappeared.

Mother is terrified of lifts. What did ABI brother do. Stepped out of the lift and left Mother in the lift. ABI Brother has to focus tightly on what he is doing. I don't blame him too much for leaving Mother in the lift. None the less, Mother was in her worst nightmare, supposedly trapped in a lift. The lift did not move until someone on another floor called for the lift. It was a posh woman who lives here apparently. She had flowers in her hand. She was concerned about this stupid old woman who could not press G to go to ground and helped Mother to push the G button.

Mother now has a great story to tell how bestie about how she was trapped in the Highriser lift.

They arrived very late, but what sweet lasses are Sis in Laws new beau's daughters are.

Oldest Niece quietly tied a helium balloon to Dreaded Nephew's hair.

While I just pick up the pieces, you would not believe how hard R worked today. The food was was so plentiful and ok, Sister did her bit too.

Little Jo is almost four. Where did those four years go?


  1. That is too funny about Mother being left in the lift. I laughed out loud and I'm probably the same age as your mom.
    You do know Andrew, the word is ornery don't you. yes, you must.
    Anyway, I'm glad things went well. Because of you I posted my July 4 post early, figuring if it is the 4th there then it is the same here being as we are indeed all in one world.
    Very funny post. Thanks, I needed a laugh and if you weren't joking so be it then.

  2. Sounds like a great party Andrew - hope Little Jo enjoyed it after all the high drama - Mothers left in lifts can definitely bring on panic attacks - chicken bones and ground chocolate cake sounds like fun.

  3. Laughing at your mum, but feeling a little sorry for her too. Does she really not know to push a lift button to make it go?
    I hope you managed to get the chocolate cake out of the carpet. I remember making my kids eat messy things outside or in the kitchen for easy clean up. Because I'm too lazy to scrub carpet.
    I know just how your feet feel!

  4. Linda, I never know if I am being serious myself. It was only after I published the post that I realised Happy fourth could be taken another way in the US. I didn't know the right word, ornery. I could have course checked, but instead I have amused you with my ignorance, which is more fun. And Linda, I doubt you are 77.

    Yes, it was a mild panic attack. Carpet is now clean, thank you.

    Of course she knows how to operate a lift River. She tries to play the doddery old lady. Outside is good for messy food, but we don't like the kids on the balcony.

  5. oh you guys did well hosting the party. I wouldn't dare. I may have LOL'ed about the lift incident too!

  6. Anonymous7:50 pm

    bless you both for yet another tremendous effort.
    Next year, make food the same colour as the carpet ...

    X X Annie

    PS best wishes to all our Amurrican friends celebrating 235 years free of british rule.

  7. Fen, she can be quite amusing at times with her silliness.

    Annie, blue food is so limiting! We did well.

  8. The gays always throw the best parties ;-)

  9. Is being 'trapped' in the lift a suitable punishment for being 'ornery'?? I believe it is!! Seeing as both are actually a choice ...

    Some people say I'm mean, but I don't believe them!!!

  10. Course we do AdRad. Who else could cater for age 4 to 77 and please everyone.

    Red, it probably is.

  11. I'm glad the party went well. Good luck cleaning the chocolate cake from the carpet. I'm sorry about your mom getting scared in the lift. I have empathy because I have weird fears that would probably bewilder people.

  12. Thanks Dina. She has already been telling her lift experience to anyone who will listen

  13. I think Little Jo is rather lucky to have two such great uncles in her life!

  14. Kath, don't expect me to disagree. She loves her R, coz he is good with her. She loves me too, when she wants popcorn.


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