Sunday, July 03, 2011

Get read to duck

What has been happening in Melbourne's northern suburbs is disturbing. You can read the full story at The Age here.

Here are a couple of snips.

For the past five years police in the northern and western suburbs have been battling several distinct family criminal cells. The families are all of Lebanese origin, but police say their ethnicity is not the issue.


One of the cells, controlled by the Mokbel fan and his three sons, has been linked to drug trafficking, abductions, shootings, intimidating witnesses, bribery and attempted murder.


They have also been linked to stolen cars, passport offences, drugs, protection rackets, social security frauds, gun running and migration offences. One cell member currently under investigation has been connected to 26 Melbourne armed robberies.

So why are these good citizens not in gaol?

Crime families. Not nice. Sadly Melbourne's crime families are of a quite plain appearance.

But wow, if we head north to Sydney, not intimating at all that they are a crime family, but just colourful identities, we have the Ibrahims.

There is John.

His brother Fadi

And John's son Daniel.

Personally I don't know what people see in them. Better dash, I seem to have saliva on my chin and I need a tissue.


  1. Interesting how often gun attacks and other unsavoury incidents seem attracted to Sydney's colourful identities.

  2. I think there bribery is only my country problem...the fact they are found in another part of the world

  3. They seriously look like the new stars of "Home and Away". So sad all the gun crime etc,, in our cities. Glad I live in the country! (Good looking guys aside...)

  4. They are gorgeous to look at. Mmmm.

    As for the Melbourne bunch, I'm with you, why aren't they in jail or at least being more thoroughly investigated? A little spy camera work might be necessary.
    A bit like our "gang of 49", a group of aboriginals constantly commiting criminal acts and everybody "knows" it's them, but they're rarely caught and jailed. The problem seems to be that older gang members are using juniors to commit the crimes if there's a chance they might be caught. Some of the older ones have been caught and I think a couple did do a little jail time, but the gang is still out there and still active.

  5. I don't get it, why they aren't in gaol?!! underbelly tv show,same thing, same families. Lock em up!!!

  6. I'm happy to contribute to the fund to send that bloke back to where he came from.

  7. Anonymous6:11 am

    They shouldn't wax.

  8. You like then Peter.

    Careful Victor. Only s stone's throw away from you.

    Mr Bali, yes western countries are corrupt too, but it is mostly big corruption. The average person can live their whole life and never be personally touched by corruption.

    Cheryl, I might even watch Home and Away if they were in it.

    River, I heard of this gang a couple of years ago. I think they are even worse that our lot. Clearly the police in both cities are too tolerant.

    IWBG, the police seem to allow them to build an empire and then eventually have to stomp on them. Not saying it is corruption, but if it looks like a duck....

    Loz, errr, that would be Sydney. Born Sydney, 1970.

    Scott, we'll agree to disagree on that point.


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