Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fish Sauce

I was in the supermarket with Mother. I did not treat her as a helpless old lady and run around at her beck and call, instead just let her do her shopping at her pace. I did pop in to see how she was going. She was comparing two similar products, both brand name labelled. Why not the cheaper one Mother? She handed me the two bottles and told me to have a look at the preservatives etc in each. Sure enough, the dearer one was much less chemically laden, salt laden, sugar laden, colour laden. Hmm, ok, Mother knows about these matters. Interesting. I wish I could recall what the product was, but I cannot.

We were in the Asian owned green grocer and I was buying some fish sauce. There were two brands and I thought I should take a look at the ingredients. Mien gott, how much salt is there in fish sauce!!! But one did have quite a bit less than the other, so I bought that.

I understand that some government committee or whatever is looking at our labelling laws. How about the traffic light colours for a start, larger print of ingredients and fat, sugar and salt levels, whether it has a GM product in it and what the 'fats' are comprised of. We have a right to know what we are buying and consuming and we also have the right to know where the ingredients come from.

Melbourne Zoo has long being campaigning against the inclusion of palm oil in our food and the lack of labelling telling us so. Pretty worthy I think.

If you think using an ethanol mix for your car's fuel and you are helping the environment by doing so, think again. Google is your friend.

Now please don't tell me what makes up fish sauce. I like it in my stir fries.


  1. Anonymous4:44 pm

    The good stuff is usually bad for you (fish sauce) - I am surprised you haven't googled it already...

  2. I agree about thelabels on things. Much bigger print for a start. And more information on exactly what and where from the ingredients are.
    I'm pretty sure fish sauce is mostly anchovies and soy sauce. I haven't googled it, that's just my opinion.

  3. The cheapest soap is Country Life in a box of 5 and it doesn't use palm oil.
    I'm sure they print the ingredients so small to make us give up reading them and it would make it easier with the traffic light system.

  4. is there fish in fish sauce? I would hope so. I don't think I've ever used it as an additive

  5. I never use fish sauce so I never seen the label too

  6. The risk, of course, is that you'll just end up using more of the low sodium fish sauce to achieve the same level of saltiness as the regular variety.

    I once bought a bottle that was so super saturated with salt that there was a big lump of salt sitting inside the bottle!

  7. Anon, that much salt and it must be bad for you. I could have googled it, but more fun to learn here.

    Pretty well what I thought the ingredients would be River.

    Jah Teh, I noticed you mentioned the traffic lights in a post. It is a good idea, but I still want more info.

    Fen, smells evil, but nice when added to food when cooking. It doesn't taste of anchovies or I would not use it.

    Bali, is it not used in your country?

    AdRad, I suspect you are right. Funny, I don't add salt to anything, but I miss fish sauce when it is not in some dishes.

  8. Anonymous4:38 pm

    The trick with using fish sauce is to balance it of with sugar.

  9. Andrew, I went shopping this morning and checked the label on the fish sauce because you'd made me curious. No anchovies. Crustaceans instead, so pretty much anything with a shell I suppose.
    I also checked a new brand of sweet soy sauce. Can you believe the first ingredient is sugar at 76% !!! And only 2% soy!

  10. Anon, funnily, I was just reading about sugar and its use in Asian cooking.

    River, so that would be crabs and similar. Interesting. Sweet soy sounds odd. I am not keen on sweet chilli sauce.


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