Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fibre Optic coming to you soon

Do I ever offer you advice? Do I tell you how to vote? Nah, I try to avoid anything like that. I am all care and no responsibility.

So I shan't this time either and just tell you how I see it.

Our children and grandchildren won't thank us for what we have done to our environment but maybe they will thank us for our fibre optic broadband that our government is intent on installing.

It is costing big buckeroos. Is it worth it? What about wireless over the air? Well, silly as you may think I am, I maintain that you can only fit so many radio waves in the air before the air becomes saturated with radio waves and they all crash together and fall to the ground, or some variation on that.

I thought that perhaps fibre optic would future proof us, not a bad thing. But I did have some doubts.

That is until I heard fibre optic signals travel at the speed of light. Can you get any faster than the speed of light? Yep, fibre optic will set us up for the rest of this century. Your great grand children will be using what we are now paying for now, a small compensation for where we have buggered things up big time.


  1. I agree, fibre optics will definately make life easier in the future.

  2. IG, not so hard to do in a small area such as your state.

  3. I wouldn't touch this new fibre optic set up with a 10 foot barge pole if telstra are going to run it. It will surely stuff up somehow so i'm sticking to my 3 wireless broadband internet :-).

  4. There's two sides to this, just as with everything else.
    Fibre Optics is great, bring it on.
    But Telstra sucks and they'll probably be running it.

  5. Bring it on I say. I love high download speeds so I can't wait.

    I had a wonderful image of the radio waves crashing together and falling to the ground. Aah.

  6. Windsmoke, private contractors were all ready to overcharge, but they were told no. I am no Telstra lover, but I was a liker of Telecom and the PMG.

    River, we will be old age pensioners by the time it rolls out for us. I hope we can get discounted.

    Fen, I am serious. Of course I know there is limited airwave space, but all these radio waves stuff travelling through air, surely there is a limit.

  7. Yes there must be a limit and there also must be a limit to how much of them crashing into our brains we can take. Surely?


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