Saturday, July 02, 2011

El Alamein

I quite like the Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore. She is quite a progressive person and is pushing ahead full steam with bicycle lanes for lanes for Sydney cyclists against opposition from all the right wing shock jock radio hosts that seem so prevalent in Sydney, the NMRA, that is the motoring association, and the incumbent Liberal Party state government. She has long being pushing for light rail in Sydney City. God, how much does Sydney need a tram service from the Quay to Central.

Clover has long been a friend of gays and lesbians. Ask the youngest and most vacuous queen on Oxford Street, and he will know of Clover and know she is 'ok'.

I really do though question her wisdom at being a state politician and Mayor of Sydney. Surely either job is enough! I am with the Liberal Party on that at least.

But Clover made a mistake, well she and her cohorts at City of Sydney. I first visited Sydney in 1983 I think. I last visited it 2009. Sydney has changed a bit in the intervening years. One thing that did not change was the El Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross. Australia wide, there is no where like Sydney's King Cross. That is not to say it is an attractive place, but it is unique.

Clover wanted to completely redo the area in Kings Cross where the El Alamein fountain is sited. The locals fought long and hard against the redevelopment, and they won. The area is to smartened up, but not remade into something else.

The people were victors over a grass roots type politician. That has got to be good. Only about half a million dollars were wasted before the redevelopment was canned.

Now, who had their hand up for a well overdue ibis culling programme? They weren't there in the eighties.


  1. El Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross will always BE Sydney for me.

    I was going overseas on my gap year in the mid 1960s, first time away from home. It was very exciting but a little bit anxiety provoking too. So I sat next to El Alamein Fountain for ages, trying not to be sick from the small pox injection and trying not to be too anxious about leaving Melbourne.

  2. Martin11:41 am

    Hands off the ibis!

  3. I like that fountain. I hope it's there for many years to come.

  4. Doing things up seems to have become a substitute for taking action on actual issues, and can be a relatively quick way of showing that a policy-poor politician has actually 'done' something!

  5. Great memory Hels. I checked how old the fountain is and it is very old.

    Ok Martin. I don't mind them really, but it is funny how they were never there and now are.

    River, I can't remember if you saw it when you were in Sydney. It is nice.

    Red, a version of feed them cake, perhaps.