Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 3 Tuesday 12th

It was a grey and drear day.

We're off!!!, to Mount Gambier in South Australia. Sister fortified us with cereal and fruit toast with huge chunks of apricot within. Bone Doctor did not turn the heating on when she arose. Sister was already up when I rose at 7.30. R and Andrew, look after Little Jo, I am going off for a long bike ride, and off Sister went and Bone Doctor went to work. I immediately turned the heating on when Sister left.

We fixed Little Jo's breakfast and dressed her, well, I watched R do it. Too many hands in the kitchen you know.

Ciao, ciao, ciao.

We stopped in Geelong for a decent cup of coffee. Moorabool Street. I wondered if a tram ever ran along the street as there were plenty of buses. At this point I did not know the name of the street. I stood and saw the name of the street. Sure enough. I remembered trams ran along this street. We planned to stop off at our old friend's place at the foot of Mount Elephant. I rang him and suggested we buy some pies and pasties in Geelong and bring them for lunch. No, buy them here at my local when you arrive, he suggested.

We took his advice and bought expensive Four and Twenty pies in his local take away, instead of buying cheaper and bakery made ones in Geelong.

Our old friend has become a very old 74 and very large and nearing the point where he will have to sell his house and move into some care accommodation.

After the stop of one and a half hours we journeyed on through Mortlake, Hamilton where we took a break, and Casterton where my step mother was born, to Mount Gambier where we were to stay for two nights at a motel.

It was late afternoon when we arrived and after settling in to our rather nice room, we were out to the local supermarket to buy things for breakfast. We forgot to check what was actually in the room, so we ended up buying paper bowls and plates and plastic cutlery, which cost about $5. Some of the stuff we did not end up needing but no matter. Dinner was a pizza delivered to our room. R was frustrated because although it was digital television and could show the minor digital channels, it would not show the major commercial stations. Regardless, the motel was very nice and the staff friendly and helpful. Our only criticism was the old fashioned and noisy in the wall air con unit.

I didn't really take photos that day, but here are a few I took in the town of Mount Gambier the following day.

The outlook from our motel room.

It looks quite dated on the outside but it was very modern inside.

We never think to take photos of accommodation before we mess and clutter it up.

A bed of kale? in the main drag of Commercial Street East.

As usual, the catholic church sits on high ground in Penola Street to dominate those evil protestant places of worship.

I stepped out of the car to admire this house in Bay Road.

But it wasn't the only one. I turned around, I looked left and I looked right. Is that money I can smell? All very nice.

The town hall, the part to the right of where I snapped was undergoing renovation.

A pub.

Another pub, where we ate that night.

High on the edge of the volcano and overlooking the town sat this shell. School? Hospital? I don't know.


  1. Anonymous11:23 am

    I'd forgotten how lovely Mt Gambier is. Perhaps I shall retire there... Did you go to the lake? V.

  2. Love the delicious architecture :)
    I think I ate at the first pub about 23 years ago and it was on par with the Shamrock in Bendigo :)

  3. We did the lake V. The post will be up in the morning. Nah, you belong where you are now. What about a modest chalet on the edge of Lake Towada?

    Jayne, they are still talking about you at the bar.

  4. Wine in the bathroom, nice......

  5. Bathroom come kitchen. Nothing better that a glass of wine when having a bath. I last had a bath in 2010 and I had a glass of wine with it.