Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 2 Monday 11th Pt 2

It is still a grey and drear day.

The Fly part of the name Otway Fly refers to flying fox facility, but we were there for the walk in the tree tops and it was excellent. There were interesting things to see as we walked down the hill too.

We climbed up the tower, a decent task for Little Jo. Towards the end, Sister and Little Jo were well ahead of us and there was an aged femme in distress. 'I can manage', she assured us, but she could not manage to get the large pram containing her grandson down many steps. R and she lifted at the back and I lifted at the front. Aren't gay guys so kind and helpful to stupid old cows who cannot see the steps marked on the map or ask if the walk is suitable for prams. That is unfair really. The steps are not clear without studying the map and the staff should have told her.

We were now feeling a bit weary and look, there is the station where we can get the golf cart back up the hill. Sister: I'll walk. Us: We'll take Little Jo. We did not have to wait too long for the golf cart to appear. Along the way we picked up some young types. At the top there appeared to be some flying fox practice thing happening with journeys of ten or so metres on a flying fox.

But we had only just ordered our bowl of hot chips and coffee when Sister appeared. She must have run up the hill.

We could have driven home the easy way, but oh no, Sister was pressing us to travel the hard way home on the Beech Forest Mtsabi Road/Turtons Road, a road that she had travelled a few years ago and was then unmade. It was now made, fortunately, but very narrow and winding with lots of warnings about approaching log trucks. There had been a severe wind and there were many tree branches on the road. The Highriser motor was now officially more filthy inside and out than it had ever been.

Don't stop to buy instant coffee Brother. I will walk to the shops when we get back. And she did, a decent hike. Sister is not a small lass, but by golly she is fit for her 44 years.

While waiting for Bone Doctor to return from her workplace of buzz saws and hammer drills, we caught up on the recorded Tour de France and then later the Matildas as they lost their match against ???. The TdF was quite exciting with much crashing of cycles and cars swerving to avoid trees. What mayhem!!! I think it was about this time that Ken and Walt were roadside in France as the Tour flashed past. The Matildas were good to watch too, except girl soccer players don't do melodramatic, oh, you touched me, I am fatally injured, that male soccer players indulge in.

We had offered to pay for a meal out that evening.The Vic Hotel in Queenscliff provided us with a very nice meal. Sister offered to pay for her meal. Our shout. Bone Doctor who arrived a bit later did not say, Cheers, thanks, would you like a drink?

I know the Vodafone internet works in an almost acceptable manner if I take the lappie outside at Sister's. Mid winter, I am not going to be sitting outside. Vodafone worked in an unacceptable manner inside. Sister and Bone Doctor have digital channels via their Foxtel machine, but it is not high definition, so no ABC News 24. I had brung my digital radio, so I tuned into ABC News Radio and I slept.

Dina, we travelled through Gellibrand to get to the Fly and returned via Barramunga and Barwon Downs and joined the Cape Otway Road/Barwon Heads Road where we had travelled earlier.

Another dinosaur. This one is pretty 'armless.

The walkway. We were excited.

Bark looks quite different when you are level with the branches that trap its fall. It is a Eucalypt or gum tree if you like. In the moderate wind, the quite thick trunk was moving perhaps 5cm in either direction.

Slight touch of the vertigos.

It was a bit of a climb.

Not quite ants down below.

Level with the tree tops. Marvellous.

While R and I were out on this cantilevered section.....

we spied a familiar wee lass.

I liken lichen.

And I like trees.

Way back down on the ground a crystal clear and icy cold creek flowed.

The practice flying fox. We did see some metal poles of the real Otway Fly from a distance in the bush.

Pretty rosellas.


  1. Loving the photos, it looks wonderful :)
    Bet the wind was a bit cool :P

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Vertigo isn't in it. We are sick simply from looking at the pictures!

    Have a wonderful weekend at ground level - difficult for a High Riser!

  3. Amazing place - imagine on a dark night accidentally walking up to that dinosaur? I get a weird feeling when up too high - I feel as if I am drawn out to the edge and that I might be pulled (or jump) over - had it all my life and can not deal with high places...its about the only phobia I have so not so bad. A great post

  4. I would be terrified to climb up there! :)

  5. Nice pictures. I would love to do a treetop walk like that.

  6. Aye Jayne, it was chilly.

    Jayla, I get vertigo here, if I stand on the corner of the balcony and look down.

    MC, yes, I would not want to see the dinosaur at night if I came across it. I know what you are saying about heights. Friends tell us this too when they visit.

    Hi Marina. Welcome. Did I mention it swayed about?

    River, we did our first similar in Tassie. It was good.

  7. I'm so embarrassed. I thought you were going to Adelaide. Weren't you planning to go at some point? Did you already go? Is that trip in the future?

  8. We are on our way to Adelaide Dina, just taking our time about it.

  9. I have to go and check out the dinosaurs. The forest looks amazing too. Hmm...I need to get out more.

  10. Anonymous11:26 am

    Yeah, I'd go just to see the dinosaurs too! Remember being dragged off to see sand dinosaurs, Andrew??

    Women's soccer has been all the talk this week since Japan beat America in the final. V.

  11. AdRad, perhaps choose a warmer and still day to visit.

    Indeed I remember the sand dinosaurs V. So Japan won. It kind of lost coverage here once the Matildas lost.