Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 2 Monday 11th Pt 1

It was a grey and drear day.

R and I are the stereotypical gay males at home. We are clean, tidy and organised. I know a decent number of gay guys who are not so.

Dyke stereotyping is equally fraught, but Sister and Bone Doctor fit the stereo type. They live in permanent untidiness, chaos and disorganisation. It is not for me to criticise, just make observations. They live very differently to us. However, they are quite good hosts.

Bone Doctor had the heating on when we arose, the first morning at least, and Sister got busy in the kitchen cooking us a bacon and egg breakfast and then making cold roast meat sandwiches for lunch during our day's outing.

With Little Jo's car seat transferred to the Highriser motor, we set off for the Otway Fly via Barwon Heads where we stopped for petrol. We had forgotten to bring petrol discount dockets from home, but Sister steered us to a cheapish petrol retailer. Although I have been accused of being a coffee snob, I like instant coffee in the morning, as does R. Sister doesn't drink coffee often, and when she does, you makes it in a plunger. She had no instant coffee so we had tea at breakfast. Sister assured us the quickest way to the Fly was via Barwon Heads and roads parallel to Highway 1. Who were we to argue. We were crying out for coffee, so we stopped in Birregurra. It is quite a well preserved town in a non action manner. That is, nothing new has been built in Birregurra and nothing has been done for years. It did not speak prosperity, but it was quite a nice town. Ok, I do exaggerate slightly. We had a nice morning tea at a great place called that had a bar out the back and it potentially could go off on a Saturday night.

We then travelled through Colac, the town Mother has visited many times as my Late Step Father called it his stamping ground and many of his offspring and their offspring live in the locale. I had never seen Colac. It was a larger and more important place than I thought. I imagined a Moe of the western district. On the surface, apparently not. Maybe Moe has changed too.

It was a picturesque drive on to the Otway Fly. We ate our sandwiches and set off to walk in the tree tops. Firstly we had to walk down a steep hill. R is officially a senior and a return trip up the hill of a golf cart was offered. Bah to that, we thought. More to come...........

All country towns must have a public hall.

I am not sure what the Outback Trading Company trades in.

The local engineering works. Closed down? Some nice Art Deco lines.

There weren't too many solid looking buildings like this one in Birregurra. Looks like an old bank to me.

The venue for our morning tea. There is a sheltered area in between the two buildings to sit and people watch the non existent passers by.

Oh, all the mail in a wooden building!

Can't say much for the exterior of the pub. Perhaps it is nicer inside. Now, I shall sit back and wait for the protests from the Birre Progress Association. It is hard for businesses to survive in small towns like this.

Panels to read at the Otway Fly car park. The only part I recall from the boards was that the tree top walks were manufactured in Launceston, Tasmania.

A friendly local dinosaur.


  1. Country towns that are way past their used by date are a bit sad, aren't they? Your photos of decent old buildings that haven't been used (at all, or at least used for their original purposes) for decades remind me of a number of rural towns spouse and I have visited in the last 12 months.

    Even small towns near Ballarat, that once were at least peripherally involved in the gold rushes of the 19th century, look a bit tragic now.

  2. Hels, I expect the bad weather had a bit to do with my opinion. Had it have been a fine sunny day, I may have viewed the town differently. We saw a few small country towns. Some seemed to appear to be very prosperous and some not. Pre-empting a post, we returned from SA via Beaufort, and it had a good feel about it.

  3. Love the pics, I've heard from a few diff people lately who've done this walk and really enjoyed it :)

    Oh, oh, oh, Beaufort?!
    My paternal grandmothers family helped pioneer that place :)

    Towns can look tired and empty but you'd be surprised how the places come to life when there's something on like a farmer's market or dance.

  4. A treetop walk sounds like a great way to pass an afternoon. Something for me to look into when I eventually retire and start bussing around like my mum used to do.

  5. It is good Jayne. Maybe a bit pricey, but I don't quibble over the price for what we got. Beaufort was good. Well done your antecedents.

    River, I like the idea of bussing around, when there is not a train. Coaches are so comfortable.

  6. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Is this treetop walk new? Never heard of it before! I gotta go just for the dinosaur! V.

  7. That dinosaur looks really constipated.

    I love seeing your photos and reading all the details.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous7:38 am

    Does that dinosaur look a bit like R? You did imply he was a senior.

  9. V, I think construction was started in 2002, so not so new. I have been hearing about it for a long time now.

    Dina, it was a bad angle to take the dinosaur snap. Tomorrow's dinosaur will be better.