Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 1 Sun 10th

It was a grey and drear day.

I worked quite unsuited times to get my act together for our holiday in the preceding week and there were the computer issues to deal with. I did leave a lot to the last day, umpteen loads of washing and drying and ironing (that which I had ironed, I stuffed vaguely folded into a suitcase), and trying to remember things to take on holidays.

You may well recall that Little Jo has had a birthday, but her birthday at home was to be celebrated today. She went off to a farm where children's birthdays are hosted. The weather only just held up. At an insignificant point, they were all forced to seek shelter. No matter. Little Jo reported back about her farm birthday positively to us when we arrived late in the afternoon.

Sister and Bone Doctor always want to make us walk to the beach. I think of it as just a short car ride away. 'I'll just stay here', went unnoticed. 'It's raining', I protested. 'You can keep this Auntie Andrew', said Bone Doctor and she shoved a waterproof Geelong Falcons jacket at me. Kyewl. Perhaps some cute young gay boi will think I am his macho hunk, or maybe a footballer will like me, buy me drinks and then have his wicked way with me (black footballer reference removed).

I was glad I went to the beach. Monster waves were promised at Bell's Beach and big waves were certainly happening on the Bellarine. Sister bashed off on her own and was chatting to a chap she knew. 'See that flash light in the distance, that will be my Highriser Brother taking snaps.' Quite so.

We walked back to Sister's across a footy oval. Lads were playing and their dog was roaming. Dreaded Nephew, Oldest Niece and Chainsaw niece had given Little Jo a hat for her birthday that Dreaded Nephew bought at Camberwell Market. It had hanging pom poms on it. The dog rushed up and bit into a pom pom. I did not see that. Little Jo thought it was funny. I started to observe the dog. Little Jo started to run and the dog was pursuing her. I heard Bone Doctor call out something like 'Andrew, intervene', as I was close by. I could see the dog's body language had changed. It was on the hunt. I ran (no small effort) and got in between the dog and Little Jo. I metaphorically widened my body and blocked the dog. It may not have meant harm, but who would take the chance.

The dog went back to its Masters', who unconcernedly continued their kick to kick.

Sister cooked us beef schnitzels with spuds and vegetables for our dinner. The meal was fine but I am spoilt by R being such a good cook. As is usual at Sister's, we retired early.

While walking to the beach I saw the light.

Oh dear, where is the beach? Taken out to sea, I hope not.

Look out Little Jo, a wave is coming.

This scene would normally show a concrete path and clean rocks. The waves have washed over the high wall and dumped seaweed and sand all over the path. I felt sorry for the two lasses who came along carrying their now inappropriate roller blades.


  1. wow that first picture is magic to my eyes :)

  2. ha ha love little Jo hamming it up for the camera.
    I heard a guy from Bells saying that the sand washed away and a couple of days later it had all been deposited back again. Can't wait for your holiday snaps.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    It sounds from this that your holiday is going to be one adventure after another. Already on day one we have you taming a wild dog, braving the seething ocean, striding out in the rain, mastering the idiosyncracies of unusual internet systems and going to bed early. How much more excitement can we take?!!!!

  4. Nothing beats the beach in a storm - or so I can happily say after the event ...

  5. is that fire at the 1# image ? or it is sun set

  6. You can't beat the windswept Bellarine Peninsula for great leaden beach days. Nice shots too, Andrew.

  7. Anonymous6:26 am

    Impressive tackle. With the dog.

  8. Love those shots.
    Thank goodness you got between the dog and Little Jo, might have to start teaching her not to run near strange dogs, not to hold her hand out or make eye contact.
    Otherwise, like my hubby, the strays have a tendancy to follow you home :P

  9. Thanks IG. I few seconds, and it was gone.

    Fen, I expect that does happen to beaches at times. Where were has a large beach, but it was just under waves or gone.

    Yes JayLa, I am somewhat of a superhero, in my mind anyway.

    Red, I could watch waves forever and not get bored.

    Bali, just the setting sun. It almost could be a raging fire.

    Thanks Lad. The wind in the west has a certain special feel to it, like bringing on pneumonia.

    Stands either way Scott.

    Jayne, she is usually frightened around dogs. I am not sure why she wasn't. The stray that follows you home is invariably a faithful beast.