Saturday, July 09, 2011

Catching the Adelaide bus

I recall saying quite smugly in a post not so long ago that I look at where I am going to holdiay and check out the public transport I will be using well in advance. While we might only use it for one day, I have looked at Adelaide's public transport website. It is not a bad site, but there are things I can't work out.

It was bit buried, but I did find that R can travel between 9 and 3 for free on weekdays and free at weekend. I can buy a day ticket on or off the system for all modes for $8ish.

Our digs will be on Military Road in West Beach. A bus appears to run along there, acccording to the map, route J1. It will take us to the city or Glenelg. And yet, if I enter the information into the travel planner, nothing makes sense. So far as the travel planner goes, there is no bus along Military Road, or if there is, it goes the wrong direction and takes us via a shopping centre. I may get time to take another look, or we may just depend on the kindness of strangers.

(just rereading this and about to publish. Military Road? Where did that name come from?)


  1. It may not help you if you're out of the city, but there's an excellent information centre right in the CBD. Wife & I went to Adelaide a couple of summers ago, and as we are public transport novices, we relied heavily on the info they gave us. They didn't steer us wrong.

  2. I did notice that on the website Smudgeon, but as you suggest, we aren't staying in town. It can't be too hard to do what people do every day.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Not being over familiar with Adelaide, we are unable to offer much in the way of help where bus routes are concerned.

    Should you and R ever come to Budapest, which we hope one day you may, then be assured that there is absolutely everywhere is within reach of a bus, tram, or the Metro. But then the system is not yet privatised!

  4. I've just had a look at my J1 timetable and it seems you are right, only the J1 goes along Military road. I did not know that. Probably because I've never gone that far around, using the J1 only to get asfar as Ikea or Harbour Town. (shopping centre)
    But the place you're staying at should be able to provide you with more information and possibly timetables too.

  5. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Miltary Road - Sydney?

  6. J&L, now that is a queer thing, government owned transport system. I don't think that sounds like a good idea. Surely it means the government is answerable to the people for the state of public transport. No that won't do at all.

    Thanks for checking River. I noticed a shopping centre that wasn't there in 1982/3, that I can recall anyway. I was right about the buses to there being 27A, 27B and 27C. I found my bag of mementos from the eighties and there was a bus timetable among the bits. I might scan a bit of the old stuff when I return. It is good for a laugh. I have my Adelaide street directory too, 20th edition UBD. I suspect we might need to rely on more modern techology to find our way.

    No, Anon, in Adelaide. I know Sydney has one too, a major road on the north shore. I am curious about why they are named so. Presumably they led to something to do with the military.

  7. Is that the West Lakes shopping centre? I worked there when I first started at Coles while living at Semaphore.

  8. Not sure River. I think I was referring to the Habour Town one you mentioned. We shall see.


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