Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back in real time

I have learned a lesson. Sister will no longer do vague mentions of things. We need to know information in advance.

Bone Doctor called Thursday night to say they will come up Saturday night to stay. She will watch her football team on Saturday night and have to do doctor work at a football match on Sunday. When questioned over the details, she suggested I speak to the social secretary, Sister. I should have.

Actually, I did. We will go to Science Works. Sounds like a plan.

We were going to friends for dinner. Sister and Bone Doctor went off to the football, while we picked up some food for Little Jo on the way to our friend's for a curry dinner.

I was up early, and caught up on internet things, as nothing gets me more stressed than a backlog of internet things, and R, Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo rose late.

By the time R had cooked bacon and French Toast, it was nearly eleven. Gee, if you have a family, your dishwasher must have to work very hard. Ours certainly was. While R was cooking, he had a brief respite from Little Jo. She just so loves her R.

We had something to do in town and thought we would take Little Jo with us. I had already checked when Sister's football team was playing. I was guessing what we were up for. Yes, they won't be leaving until tonight. It wan't until almost midday that we learnt that we were looking after Little Jo for the afternoon.

She had been promised Science Works but we did not really know this and we did not know we were taking her there on our own. We took Little Jo into town and did what we had to do and had a bite to eat and it was only 1pm. Sister and Bone Doctor won't return until five. What do we do?
Little Jo kept mentioning Scienceworks, so ok, I knew it was not too far from a railway station. Twenty minute service on the train line and we arrived at Melbourne Central Station at 1 minute before the train left. Of course we had to negotiate escalators etc, and so missed that train. The Upfield train was late, and so delayed the next train.

It was a fifteen minute walk from the station to Scienceworks for a child, a bit less for anyone else. No reason to go into the details of Scienceworks except it was extremely busy and Little Jo did not want to leave.

R pre-empted Sister and asked if they would like to stay for dinner, given she and Bone Doctor were returning at about 5.30.

By 7 they were gone. Poor R. It is not how he thought his last day of his holidays would pan out. We are both exhausted. I can afford to be as I have another week off work, but R does not.

Oh for the days where children were seen but not heard.


  1. Anonymous6:50 am

    "backlog of internet things" - I know the feeling!

  2. Explain your ESP is on the blink and you need to know exactly what is happening.
    Hope you treated yourselves to a gin or 3 with your feet up afterwards!

  3. Sometimes Scott, you just have to let it all go.

    We did have a drink or two Jayne and slept the sleep of the innocent.

  4. ah! I'm in. The day you posted this, Blogger wouldn't let me comment.
    Now, I can't recall the brilliant remark I was going to make.
    I hope Dr and Sis give you excellent xmas gifts though. X X

  5. Not especially good presents Ann. One year it was a lettuce leaf spinner, and not even an automatic one. You had to do it like a spinning top. We slipped it into one of Mother's garage sales I think.