Friday, July 08, 2011

Almost new computer

2gb of ram, one terrabyte of hard drive space and Windows 7, the machine is working is working like greased lightening. So why am I so stressed? I just don't like change.

I plugged the renovated machine in and the internet worked without me doing anything. Then I got a nag box re networking, I assumed the router connection. I followed what was on the screen. I should not have and left it until later. I lost the internet connection. I connected the modem directly to the computer, did the usual shut down, restart, and still no internet. I called Bigpond help. They sorted it. Gee their help service is good now compared to what it used to be.

Ok, internet works. Priority, emails. Where is Outlook Express? Not to be found. There is Outlook for email. Ok, I set that up. It is very alien and a bit posh for our purposes. After set up, it indicated the connection was ok, but it would not send or receive and kept asking for log in and password, I think I have exprienced many times over the years and it seems to be something only Bigpond can correct. Call help desk again. She took control of the computer, which was quite amusing to see it being operated by someone else, and fixed it.

I downloaded Firefox and imported my bookmarks. I imported R's favourites as he uses IE.

I tried importing emails that I had saved from Outlook Express. No. Ditto contacts. Search for info on the net. I conclude it is just too hard, but I did discover that Windows Mail can be downloaded which was a replacement for Outlook Express in Vista but not included in Windows 7. Gatesy wants you to use Windows Live, which I think is web based email related to Hotmail. I already have enough web based email to check, thank you very much. For our joint isp email, Outlook Express was fine.

I downloaded Windows Mail, and it imported all the old messages, and then the contacts. But the same problem occured. Send and receive, and it keeps asking for user name and password. Right, emails are at least working with Outlook. I will fix this later with another call to the help desk.

Downloaded AVG as virus checker. Fat lot of good it did last week when it allowed things to go wrong and ultimately the virus checker crashed and would not longer work. But it looks good on outgoing emails.

I then reinstalled the router and surpringly, that went ok. The lappy picks up the signal and this machine still works. Damn the networking suggestions earlier.

And then I had to go to work. It was a rough day really.

R had to feed and entertain ABI Brother last night while I was at work. I felt guilty about not being here. In spite of finishing work at 11pm, I was up at 6.30 to take ABI Brother to Masada to get a skin cancer removed. I came back home, and at 9.30 I set off to Cheltenham to pick up the computer, and then spent ages mucking around with it. I left for work at 2.30 and now it is 1am. I need a longer sleep tonight. I am going to force myself to not get up absurdly early because I have a lot to do to the computer. It can wait. I vaguely recall that there was life before computers.

I tell myself to be sensible. The computer is working. It is just not how I like it. It doesn't matter. I will fix it all in time. As I started with, I just don't like change, but I do know that in time, I will embrace the new.

PS, I should have been sorting out the pc instead of writing this, but I have de-stressed. Writing blog posts is very familiar to me.

PPS, ahhh, no spell checker. Another thing to do. No doubt there are spelling clangers.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Oh, the stress - we can feel it right here in the Northern Hemisphere!

    Where the computer is concerned, we almost have to have someone switch it on for us. The rest, a complete mystery requiring friendly Stephen to dance in attendance as soon as there is a problem, if not before!

  2. Blogging is always helpful to me for getting rid of stress.
    Aren't new computers fun?

  3. Instead of AVG may I suggest you have a look at Microsoft Security Essentials, it's a great antivirus product free from MS.

  4. Ha ha I sat up last night installing all my shiny new toys, it took me about 3 hours but it's all working like a dream (I think). You'll get used to the new setup and soon you will have forgotten the old ways. I enjoy the challenge of new tech, keeps my brain ticking.

    I'd recommend Avast, it's free and I've not had a virus sneak through with it.

  5. Oh yes, and the reason I actually came over here was to link you up with this:
    It's Wendy Harmer's new site (for women of a certain age apparently), but there seems to be some new podcasts too.

  6. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I recommend Avast too. A computer boffin friend of mine suggested I use it and I haven't had any problems with it either. V.

  7. I got used to my new laptop much quicker than I thought I would. I couldn't import my outlook express contacts either, so I used the webmail feature on this one to access the emails there and tell everyone my new email address on this one, then when the old dial up account ran out it didn't matter.

  8. J&L, a friend has someone like that who charges a set fee. Maybe that is what we need.

    Linda, at the moment, I don't think computers are fun.

    Tony, I have always avoided anything MS that I did not have to use. Their things always seem so complex.

    Cheers Fen. I had a look at Ms Harmer's site. Will revisit it when I have more time.

    Two votes for Avast then V. I may well give it a shot.

    River, web mail just not suit both of us for joint purposes, never mind the horror of a new email address.

  9. May be too late but Microsoft Security Essentials is almost anti-Microsoft in how it operates. It's tiny, sits in the background and just does its job extremely well. Once set up you never have to touch it. Here's a good read when they released V1, it's now on V2.

    Along with OneNote and Media Center it's one of Microsoft's hidden gems.


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