Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Words, by our ABC

I can cope with many mispronunciations and poor use of language by everyone around me. Hey, I am not perfect, but I do expect higher standards by those who use words for their living.

Advancements. Not advances?

Back to back. Not consecutive? Perhaps I should remove sports commentators from this list, or it might be a very long one.

Disorientated. Not disoriented?

Eggsactly. Not exactly?

Goverment. I hear this so often, I am now doubting my own pronunciation that has another n.

Austraya. Nothing but infuriating that so many can't even get the name of our country right, from the highest citizens of our country to the lowest.

Not our ABC's finest moments.

That was the post I wrote but to add a bit here, I just made a phone call in reply to one I received earlier. I gave my reply to the question I was asked earlier by saying 'Hi E. Andrew here. Yes, no, I won't have that extra week off work.' Written it looks quite silly, but it came out very naturally. The yes/no, no/yes seems so widespread now that I suggest no more time is wasted by pedants attempting to stamp it out. I hear it in overseas podcasts now and in overseas news bulletins. Did we Aussies export this to the world? High achievers we are.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We agree with all of this but, we fear, we are as guilty of the 'yes, no' form of expression as much as the next man or woman.

    And we have, sadly as it happens, never visited Australia. Or is that Austraya?

  2. Yes/No seems to have emerged from nowhere in little time and is now more prevalent than volcano ash.

  3. mispronunciations

    Shorley youse mean 'mispronuniasians'!

  4. yes/no makes me angry, worse though is yeah/naaah. Is it yes or is it no for godsake!

  5. I would also have thought wordsmiths would know the diff btw 'spesh-ee-ality' and 'specialty'. 'Miw-yun' instead of 'million' is another fave!!

  6. J&L, it is Austraya. You will be immediately accepted if you pronounce it thus.

    LS, don't call me Shirley. I am working class without posh edyoucatshun. I struggle with words and spellins.

    Victor, strangely, returning visitors from overseas seemed not be affected by ash. Lucky you.

    Fen, yeah no. I know eggsactly what you mean.

    Red, you drove me to the fridge for a drink in anger at your comment. Miw-yun. I am ready to smash someone's face in. How hard is mil-yun? Just realised that you can subtly insert the second i when you say it write.

  7. Aystraya gets on my goat too!

  8. A lot of goat references in your comments Cazzie. Just kidding!!!

  9. I was listening to a review of the golf on ABC radio and heard a moron say "he played well from holes 1 through 9".

    Through? Did the player go through a tunnel? Did he play holes 1 and 9 well but badly in the middle holes? Or did he play badly in holes 1 and 9 but well in the middle holes?

    I utterly rely on the ABC for all news and other programmes, but I felt like chucking the radio into the bath.

  10. Hels, that is weird, but I fear it is not unusual. Often these oddities make words or phrases longer, but with less clarity. Please make sure it is only the battery powered radio that you chuck in the bath.

  11. Was thinking of this post the other day but for a different reason. There's a newish newsreader on 774, she has a UK background, something Foxley from memory. Anyway. Her pronounciation of some words is atrocious, but what gets me most is her sentences. She never seems to have normal flow. She'll pause mid sentence which gives it a whole new meaning and it becomes confusing. Stephanie I think her name is. Seems like a nice lass but boy she needs to learn to read proper!!

  12. I hate when people use the wors"stomich" instead of "stomach" - makes me sick for some reason - and instead of Celtic (sounding like a K) they say Celtic sounding like an S ugh!

  13. Foxly or Foxley Fen. I certainly tuned into the news when she was reading, but I am not sure if it was for the right reasons. I thought there was a touch of the Lee Lin Chins about her, sure enough, she has read news in HK. She is a free lance newsreader, an interesting concept. Bu then I suppose retired news readers like John Reed who come back are also free lance.

    MC, not sure if I have heard that. I only know one way of saying stomach.

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