Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well Routed

My computer shop moved from Balaclava to St Kilda Road, St Kilda several years ago. That was ok. Now it has moved to Moorabbin, too far to go. When I was moaning about my struggle with technology, Jayne mentioned the company MLN in Bridge Road, Richmond, to buy a router. I looked them up on the net and they had a more convenient branch for me beside the Victoria Market. I can catch a single tram to there, and so I did and the suggested router was reduced from $79 to $59. The service was helpful. I described, desktop pc with cable net, want to connect a laptop to the same connection. I liked the place and perhaps I have a new computer shop.

The router was easy enough to install and it works. There are issues though, which I will torture with at some other time. Just one issue, I needed an id number from the already installed unit that was sitting under the desk. I needed a torch and a magnifying glass, so small was the print.


  1. So since they know you're going to need it, then why do they always hide it. Go figure.

  2. Oh so true Linda.

  3. A new computer shop just a short tram ride away? How handy is that? And thanks to Jayne for pointing you in that direction. My computer shop is a twenty minute stroll away.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    No computer shop for us, instead a computer man who comes with router and knowhow in one. We can recommend him but, sadly, rather more than a tram ride away!!

  5. Oh, I know those small print disasters, so that's why I have a magnifying glass always in my wallet. [size of a CC, but thinner]

  6. oh goodie, I'm glad you got that sorted. You're always welcome to hit me up for advice etc.

  7. River, a short walking distance shop is handy if you have lug your computer there.

    J&L, that would be true luxury, but would I have ever learnt anything about computers?

    Peter, yes I wear reading glasses and I had them on. The print is just too small.

    Cheers Fen.


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