Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Two Fat Lattes

Frank and Benny have a show on our gay radio station called The Two Fat Lattes. Now it is broadcast at 7.00 pm on Friday night, a most inconvenient time for me, so I rarely listen and I have missed many shows. Benny and Frank were talking about a co host of theirs recently, Georgie, when they were broadcasting on Saturday mornings. She was funny too. Maybe her job was a promotional person for Lavazza Coffee as I won a Lavazza calendar back when she was on air. I still have it. It is huge. I would hate to check what year it was.

Some years later we met Frank and Benny when they held a sausage sizzle at The Saint, a St Kilda hotel, on the day of Pride March. I regret missing their 'shopping trip' along Sydney Road, Brunswick.

When Frank and Benny first broadcast on Joy, podcasts were something to be dreamed of. Who could have imagined where the internet would go. Now I can download a tightly edited podcast episode of the Two Fat Lattes.

Sometimes they are just good and sometimes they can make you shriek with laughter.

I tried some blackmail today. Joy is a community radio station. It operates on limited funding and they can't afford a huge amount of space to store podcasts. What to do to? It was proposed that instead of uploading podcasts to the web, they use ITunes. I protested. I hate ITunes. I used it for a bit and disliked it intensely. I recall Daniel posting about how to get a slimmed down version, but I thought damn it. I will just get rid of it and I did. I think it was James who suggested to just add podcasts to Google Reader, and that is what I have done and it works perfectly.

Ah yes, the blackmail. For some time I have meant to write a post about the Two Fat Lattes. Gay people will connect with what they say, and straight people will find them amusing. In an email I suggested that I would not write a positive post about the Two Fat Lattes if it went to ITunes only. Result! I claim the probably undue credit. For gay and straight alike, the Two Fat Lattes are funny. Trust me.

Here is a link the their podcast page. You can choose anyone, but I just listened to some of May 13th and it is not bad.


  1. Noo, it's not bad, quite funny. I love rambling chatty radio with people with a sense of fun and silly.

  2. Same here IWBY. I have been listening to some English ones of late, which I may give some publicity to later.

  3. Anonymous12:42 pm

    I listen to Bears in the City.

    They are available on iTune but you can also download them on their website.

    Good fun.

  4. Love these guys, they're a riot!

  5. Are you the 'Andrew needs friends' on the 20 May broadcast?

  6. Even if they move to itunes, I still think you can paste in the xml and it will turn up in Google Reader or any other podcast software/program.

  7. I cant find "podcast" meaning in a dictionary...

  8. Thanks Anon. I will have a listen.

    Jayne, from an ex Joy presenter, that is a compliment.

    Nay Victor. More likely wondering what happened to all our many 'friends'.

    Good James. I should retract my blackmail then.

    RingBali, I expected everyone would know what a podcast, yet it wasn't very long ago that I did not know what a podcast was, so you are right to query. It is just a piece of audio put up onto the internet for anyone to download and listen to. In this case, by a volunteer gay radio station. Vodcast is the same but a video.

  9. Will have a listen latte (Haha)