Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Two 5 minute galleries

I popped into the The National Gallery of Victoria (Fed Square) (how other states hate us having national in the name) a couple of weeks ago to see ManStyle, an exhibition of men's clothing from the eighteenth century until now. It was worth a five minute peruse.

I then headed to the Town Hall to see Crepuscular. I had never heard the word but you can find out about it at the linked website. It perhaps took ten minutes to check. I like these quick look exhibitions. Who wants to spend a whole day looking at old pictures. Much better to take a digestible bite.

As I left Fed Square via the atrium, I crossed Flinders Street and joined a throng heading up Hosier Lane. Actually, there were several throngs, all there to examine the graffiti. Eventually I reached Flinders Lane after being impeded by the throngs and trying to avoid being snapped as a piece of graffiti.

Oh, a doorway, a staircase, a sign reading shopping centre. No shopping centre in this part of Collins Street that I know about. I climbed the stairs and sure enough, a few shops of the high end label variety and a large but deserted eating place. In fact the whole area was very deserted. From the outside I saw that I had been in 161 Collins Street, sandwiched between the T&G building and the rather nice one below.

Here are the red sticks at Fed Square. The bands around them were added later to stop kids pulling them to the ground and then letting them go. Bloody destructive vandalistic kids. But I am an adult. How was I to know you weren't supposed to do that and that it wasn't a piece of interactive art. They made a lovely clatter when I let them go.

A moat surrounded the cubes in the shopping arcade. It was very nicely done.

The cubes are lovely and although I saved looking closely at them for another time. I think they represent stages in Victoria's history.

Next door to 161 is this fine building. The windows are boarded up. I hope something nice is happening.

Across Collins Street is Scots Church. Last time I looked, this fountain was empty of water but not empty of rubbish. Now it is back on to delight passers by.


  1. I like that red stick thing and have to confess I would have played with it too.

  2. ooh those cubes are sweet, kinda like ice cubes sinking into the ground.

  3. Its good River. The sticks sway in the wind and make a gentle sound.

    I am going back for a better look Fen, at perhaps lunch time when there might be people around and some atmosphere.

  4. I have got to get in and see these places soon... I need to get out of the farm house lol

  5. I would love to see the menswear exhib. I think it would go nicely with all the texts we have been studying on dandyism this semester.

    And crepulscular is one of my favourite words as you probably know ... http://petticoatsandchrome.blogspot.com/search/label/flowers

    You have such a lovely eye for beauty, Andrew. I hope you do something with design, or architecture.


  6. Not a zoo you have to get out of Cazzie?

    Dandyism P&C. Not me, that is for sure. Given my age, it is pretty late to be starting anything.

  7. Don't you just love doing things as an adult that kids aren't allowed to do??!! The reproachful look on their little faces makes it all worthwhile ...

    I'm working my way through all your posts I missed while incommunicado! I'm not leaving comments on all of them, but I'm 'liking' them in Google reader, whatever that means ...

  8. Red, I do like the hypocrisy of do as I say and not as I did. It can be insurmountable to catch up with blogs after being away, but thanks for making the effort.