Friday, June 10, 2011


It was a Sunday in town and we walked along the Bourke Street Mall. I can imagine one busker who does the almost static concrete look can make some money. But four of them? All donations divided by four? They are not going to get four times the donations of a single performer. They did have quite a crowd surrounding them though.

R has a workmate who owns a shop in Royal Arcade. RA has received a makeover and it is looking very fine. An offshoot from the arcade is still under renovation and I found this spiral staircase intriguing.

Look Dina, Tim will have somewhere to eat when you all visit Melbourne. Dina will probably comment that Tim doesn't eat Korean food.

These glass windows were very nicely done.

An old sign in Globe Alley.


  1. I had to enlarge the first picture because I thought it was me in the left of the frame (shaved head guy...but no, it was someone else!).

  2. wonders how many musicians have been through that last door.. and if there are any famous ones. My kids love those static guys. :)

  3. polaroid diaries blog has an image of this door and suggest the sign is fake, but the company was "registered in 1963 as a distributor of printed materials .... 244 Swanston-street, Melbourne, C.l .. 23-9 1954" and the SLV always comes good -

    Stanley Young's P/L, newsagency, 244 Swanston St., Melbourne ...
    showing interior and exterior [picture] Date(s) of creation: [Oct. 29, 1948] ...

  4. I remember the first time I saw one of those stone people, I watched for almost ten minutes and he didn't even blink! I was impressed.

  5. Tim LOVES Korean food!! So he'll be happy.

  6. Maybe the statue thing is getting old, so now they have to add people to it to make it more interesting.

  7. Head looks a bit old to be yours Ad Rad. Anyway, you were in Finland already.

    Cazzie, Dina says below they might be a bit passe now, but new kids keep coming along.

    Ann, it is quite possible that a newsagent could sell sheet music too I guess. See the stairs in the photo, possibly another way to get to the music area. Nice work btw.

    River, the question is could he blink? I think someone should try a fake one, one that is actually a statue.

    Dina, there are not nearly as many Koreans in Melbourne compared to Sydney, but there are a few restaurants. It just occurred to me that maybe only one of the statues was a real person.

  8. Anonymous12:05 pm

    In that statue photo there is only actually one real man. The other three statues are simply statues. The 'real person' can make the heads of the other statues move etc. The appeal of this act is that it takes people quite a long time to work out if the other statues are real or not.
    Speaking of buskers.. how good is the young boy on the piano?

  9. Thanks Anon. I did suspect. Very clever. I have not see the boy playing the piano.