Friday, June 24, 2011

Persons of Interest

It pains me to post this but look what is on in Sydney, well in the first case, was on.

Firstly they have just had their Vivid Sydney festival. Have a look at the luscious public building and artwork lighting photos at Sydney - City and Suburbs

You want more? Persons of Interest is an exhibition about our spy agency ASIO's files. Can you believe that even our urbane film critic David Stratton had a file on him? He was required to attend the Soviet Embassy for travel documents so that he could attend a Russian film festival. He was noticed and a file duly made about his activities. Marvellous time. Lucky we don't live in that sort of society we? I'd love to see this one.

Photos are good. Everyone likes photos. How about the World Press Photo Exhibition at the State Library of New South Wales?

Dear oh dear me. Melbourne is now a cultural backwater. Its all happening in Sydney.Link


  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    I'll stick my neck out and say that while Sydney might hit the cultural mark, it does nothing for the attitude and politeness of the people.

    I have encountered so many rude people when I was there during Vivid Sydney. And not just white aussies alone either.

    And I am not white/I am asian ethnic chinese but I am sufficently dark enough and with a accent heavy enough not to be mistaken for mainland chinese.

  2. Pleased you are not a mainlander Anon. They dress so badly. Oh, I shouldn't say that. Well those in tour groups do. What you say is quite disturbing. I find in Sydney, those who deal with tourists all the time can be pretty offhand, but that is not quite rude, and it probably applies to many high tourist areas around the world.

    I've mentioned it before, but I once went into a jeweller with a Malaysian/Chinese friend who is less than ten years younger than I am. Compared to me, he is quite rich and he needed a watch band I think. It was an expensive watch, but after he told the staff what he wanted, they started to discuss the subject with me and were only looking and talking at me. I was embarrassed and slowly moved away. I suppose he was too, but I never mentioned it to him. It was the stupid staff who should have been embarrassed for their rudeness and idiocy. It was one of those occasions when you think of all the clever and right things to say after the event.

  3. P.S. Re: the tram. We think that that particular picture of the 41 tram was not taken on its normal route but on one of the lines which stretches outside of the city.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    It now seems that our first comment on this post has disappeared! Following the 'links', it does seem that Sydney is a really vibrant city and the lighting on the Opera House is, without doubt, fantastic.

    But, worry not, as from all that we have read and seen Melbourne is a most attractive city as you must feel each morning when you view it from your 'High Riser'!!

  5. All a matter of perspective Andrew. We, in Sydney, are forever hearing about all the events that Melbourne stages that we in Sydney miss out on or only get after you southerners have had your fill.

    Tutenkhamen (and all those Broadway musicals, sporting events and art exhibitions) anyone?

    Supposedly Sydney will only get it's 'rightful' share when our Conference Centre is upgraded and our Entertainment Centre is rebuilt etc etc.

    I read in Yaniblog about all those festival events that Yani attends in Adelaide evey year and think why don't we get these in Sydney!

  6. J&L, I just deleted the text that came with the picture, but it wasn't clear as, wait, still in the deleted folder, Therefore the
    old car (in its reconverted looks a la 1912) makes a few turns between
    remise Budafok and Kamaraerdő on every second sunday of the month during

    Does that make any sense to you?

    Sydney is a stunning place for tourists to visit. Melbourne is a little more discreet and classy. But really, I don't go with either stereotype. Both are good in their own ways. It does not get as hot in Sydney as it does in Melbourne, but then it does not get as cold in Sydney as it does in Melbourne.

    You bit Victor. Marvellous. Of course you will hear of Melbourne's culture. It is the culture capital of Aus. Glad you reminded of King Tut. I promised R. Now with a cultural elite type such as Fatty O'Barrell at the helm things are bound to look up.