Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out for lunch

R had an appointment last week, which required him taking a day off work. Co-incidentally it was my day off work too. We decided to go to the beach for lunch at the Sand Bar. It was lovely and cozy inside but pretty cold outside. It is a rare occasion that we would go out for such a lunch, but we enjoy it when we do.

As we were discussing which type of wine to have, a text arrived for R cancelling his appointment. After he dealt with that and no longer having an appointment, the discussion of glasses of wine changed to which bottle. I had chilli and something mussels. The mussels were small, but made up for it in quantity. Delicious.


  1. Mussels are tasty wonderful. Visually and vicariously erotic for this bloke.

    Maybe if we has lunch together again, I'd order the mussels, you'd order the asparagus and in the spirit of bipartisanship we'd share. :0)

    Not sure where the garlic bread would fit into the pitcher.

  2. Maybe this is the universe's way of telling you to book another lunch when the appointment is re-scheduled??

  3. Hello Andrew:
    We always love it when something, such as R's business appointment, is cancelled at the last minute as it leaves one feeling, for whatever strange reason, foot loose and fancy free. We hope that R felt the same way and that the occasion then led from a first to a second bottle!

  4. Not erotic for me at all LS. I am not fussed on asparagus and I don't share what I have ordered because what I have ordered is what I want. What happened to your birthday this year? You skipped it?

    I don't the stars will be so aligned Red.

    J&L, sadly we had the car with us, and so did not quite even finish the one bottle.

  5. Yum, looks fantastic.