Friday, June 17, 2011

On the bedside table

Note the title and fear not. It is not In my bedside cupboard.

I feel as if I am starved for spare time of late. I just can't manage to knock either of these books off, yet they are both nearly read.

I looked at broadcaster Jon Faine's book last week, From Here to There, with a view to buy, until I saw the price! $40! He co-wrote the book with his son and it recounts his journey from Melbourne to London in a 4wd. It is on Ebay but not much cheaper, except for one copy that was suspiciously cheap and had to be picked up.

Tim Winton's
Cloudstreet has been on my list of books to read since it was published, some twenty or thirty years ago. I looked for that at Ebay and it is readily available. There have been a few editions but I think I would like the original.

Jane Clifton has written a new book. I just love the gal. Star of Prisoner, comedian, actor, writer. Clever too! Her new book is called The Address Book and tells of her thirty plus homes she has lived in. As the daughter of an English army officer, she and her family lived in many countries. Jane was born in Gibraltar, one sister in Germany and one in Malaya. I am excited about the book. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I found a few loose shekels in my car ashtray. Iwill buy it today and then have three books on the go.


  1. There is a PhD waiting to be written on what people have on their bedside tables!

    As a new book arrives, I put it on the bottom of the bedside table pile, and push all the other books up one rung. The pile will topple over soon, if I don't manage it better.

    The top two books are England, Englan by Julian Barnes - one of my absolute favourites. And The Glass Room by Simon Mawer, not quite finished last time I read it.

  2. This sound like me Andrew I usually have at least three books on my bed-side table - always a French dictionary + a travel book (usually of some-ones travels through some far flung corner of the world) and of course something a bit more deep and meaningful - like at the moment I'm re-reading Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary.
    interspersed with Ernest Hemmingway's "A Moveable Feast"
    I agree with Hels - there's a PhD waiting to be written on this subject!!

  3. Hello Andrew:
    We admire your ability to multi-task, or should we say multi-read?

    Whilst we regard reading as one of life's essentials, and read fairly avidly, it is always one book at a time!

  4. The piles on my bedside table were in danger of falling they were getting so high, so I moved them to the coffee table.

  5. I gave up piling the buggers on the bedside table and just plonk em on the bookcase...and promptly lose them until next time.

  6. I have lost the habit of reading.

    I still have books to read but only turn to them occasionally which explains why the current reading book displayed on my blog page changes so rarely.

  7. yes I want to read Faino's book too, I will one day. I have a copy of Cloudstreet, I've read it a few times, definitely a fave.

    I just finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods, very interesting book, I wish my mind worked like his!!

  8. Hels, it does not surprise me that you have a significant stack beside your bed.

    French dictionary Dianne? Intriguing. You read books written in French? You are studying French? You are travelling to France?

    Alas J&L, it is boredom with both books that have probably left them unfinished. I have read one before.

    Shift the problem River,marvellous.

    Jayne, you too have shifted the problem. I simply cannot not have an unread book in the house.

    Much like me Victor? I used to read a lot of books. There are other distractions now.

    Fen, Cloudstreet is that good that you reread it? I reread some books too, my faves. I have read something recently about American Gods, but can't recall at all.