Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not be mining

They want to mine his land and destroy his tribe's physical art and history.

104 he is, show the dude some respect. Respect.

Fairfax photo.


  1. Greedy mining corporations don't really care about physical history or art all they care about is profit margins and the bottom line :-).

  2. Hello Andrew:
    We certainly know of instances where communities have been completely displaced in both Hungary and Romania for the self same reasons as you cite here.

    And this is progress?

  3. Quite so Windsmoke. That is why authorities need to keep control of their excesses.

    J&L, not something I am aware of, unless you are referring to gypsies. And they are always displaced. Of course we must have progress, but we desperately need to keep our history, and that is even more so for Australian Aborigines.

  4. He has almost lived half as long as non-indigenous people have been usurping the country.

    What a lot of changes he has seen.

    How little non-indigenous people have changed in respect to the indigenous.

  5. P&C, it is hard to imagine what a short time we have been in Australia and what a short time it has taken us to screw it up.