Sunday, June 26, 2011

New car for moi?

Oh, we are really going back now, back to my blog in 2005. The photos of the car were not photos of my car, but mine was the same. I bought it in about 1986 and sold it to a private school educated boi who was then at Melbourne Uni and lived in a dilapidated terrace in North Melbourne with his girlfriend. I knew his address because that is where I sent the parking fines he incurred after he took the car but before it was transferred to his name. He was a handsome strapping young man with a voice to die for. That was about 2000. Yes, because that is when R bought his new car and I bought his old car. We have done that again since then. R bought his new car just as my father died. R bought his next new car just as my step father died. Marvellous timing.

I did like my Humber, as impractical as it was. It started to rust badly. The driver's seat started to shed stuffing. It gleamed after a polish, but the sheen would quickly wear off and it returned to be a dull grey. I could have coped with those gradual failures, but it did not have air conditioning.

First car, VF Valiant, bought from my grandmother after my grandfather died.
Second car, Series IV Humber Super Snipe, bought on my own.
Third car, Mazda 626, a hand me down from R.
Fourth car, Hyundai Lantra, hand me down from R.

I can see that in a year or so I might have some money to buy my own car just because I can. I am quite impressed by cars that can fold their side mirrors in.

Today in the Prahran carpark, I observed one of those large monster cars lowering its own tailgate at the push of the owner's remote control unit. I nudged R, 'look at the show orf'. Well, not really, that is how the tail gate lowers.

These are pretty spesh things to have in a car aren't they? Auto fold in mirrors, auto closing tail gate. In Melbourne you could probably go to a government school in any old car, but to prove your worth at private schools where you drop your child off, you need a car with the above car features. The tail gate must automatically rise, the child collects their school bags, and the tail gate lowers. And don't forget the power that a huge black Euro vehicle gives you on the road. Yes, you do still have to vaguely obey the road rules, but hey, they are rules for the poor folk really.

One can be consumed by envy and thoughts of the destruction of the self satisfied middle class. Yet I am not, so far as cars go. I am quite happy in my cheap Korean import.........well, until I see a Jaguar. I am then full of envy.

I think I should have a Jaguar. I think I am owed one, or at least due one. I don't want a new one that might cost?? I don't know. I haven't checked. I don't believe in buying new cars, certainly not new cars with no features when for a lot less money you can buy a top of the line used car with everything that opens and shuts., raises and lowers and blinks.

I should look at second hand Jags. I know it will cost a lot for maintenance, but I think I am owing myself. Should you be reading this and you are ready to upgrade your old Jag for a newer one, then do email me. Oh, my readers seem quite happy with their pleb cars and don't own Jags. Never mind.

Bucket list seems to be a popular term now. A Jag is added to mine.

This was written a while ago. I have looked online at some Jags. Huge price differences but something decent around ten years old can be had for $12,000. Something extra special of a similar age, $20,000. Anyway, probably just day dreaming.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We do totally understand. And it is really rather nice to have a stylish car. For years we had BMWs, the last being a Z3 with all imaginable extras. Great fun.

    But, since we sold our cars, now over three years ago, we have never looked back. We feel utterly liberated, free of responsibility, and have discovered taxis and trains! We recommend it!

  2. Go for an old model Jag, I vaguely recall something said on Top Gear about the newer models not being as good, engine-wise and value-for-money-wise.
    I still lust after vintage vehicles and have muffler envy at the hot rods grrrrowl!

  3. People I know with Jags always have them in for repairs, they're constantly breaking down here there and everywhere!

  4. since kangaroos hit our cars regularly in these parts, I'll stick to the cheapy models.Damn I have to get out and use the key for the tailgate too :( mine doesn't even have a petrol door popper!!!

  5. I don't like Jags, just on their looks mostly, since I don't know anything about cars. But I like Mercedes and BMW's and I loved the Toyota Kluger that my daughter had.
    There's also a Honda model that I like the look of but can't recall the name right now. Oh, the Honda Prelude, that's it.

  6. J&L, that is my intention also, to be rid of cars, but it can't happen while I must do the daily slave. You do live in good areas to be without your own motor.

    Jayne, i have been looking and honestly, my head tells me newer Jag, but my heart tells me go back. They were much more stylish.

    I known Fen, I know. I do kind of factor that in. They aren't quite as bad as an Alfa though.

    IWBY, I haven't done the kangaroo thing. Surprising I did not when I was younger and drove in the country. My sister certainly has though.

    River, Preludes are nice, and expensive. Jags really aren't great for older people, even though they are the target buyers. You kind of have to slip into the cockpit of a Jag rather.

  7. Anonymous9:36 pm

    oh the Super Snipe - not driving, motoring.

    Recent Peugots have sidemirrors which fold-in when the ignition is turned off. great car - seat automatically warms! and sat nav - oh god the sat nav. fabulous.
    good luck. annie o'd

  8. Oh yes Ann, one did motor back in those days. I dun wan one of those new fandangled cars with fold in ears, bum burner seats and the electric street directory.