Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog Mates

It is always nice to have new blog mates. There is nothing quite like you comment on mine, and I comment on yours. I have few new blog mates of late.

It is no secret that I am interested in public transport, especially trains and trams. It is kinda of a melding of worlds that I publish this wonderfully crisp and clear photo of a tram in the city where my newest blogmates sometimes live. Maybe they can identify the location? I will credit and replace the photo with the original in a day or so. It is a lovely old beast isn't it.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    This is so generous of you. Thank you. The link is much appreciated.

    Yes, the Number 41 tram normally runs alongside the Danube on the Buda [as opposed to Pest] side. It is one of the original ones [only two or three lines have been updated with new 'stock' in recent years] and is equipped with old fashioned heaters for winter.

    One day you must come to Budapest and we should much enjoy taking you on the City's transport system which ranges from Europe's first underground railway, still running and now with a museum of its own, to Soviet era trains on the Metro, as well as numerous trams, trolley buses and trains [none of it at all new].

    Many thanks again, Andrew.

  2. What a lovely old tram in such a pretty setting.

  3. Budapest has the loveliest metro I have ever seen. The plarforms, the carriages and even the tones when the doors open and close.

  4. Pleasure J&L. I should brush up on Budapest, both bits. The setting for the tram appears quite rural, but obviously it is not far from the city. European public transport is the envy of many of us in Australia.

    It is a lovely setting River. If you haven't been to Europe, it is unbelievable green compared to Australia.

    Panther, Budapest does sound to be a very sophisticated city. If you are familiar with some of Melbourne's trams, the racket when the doors open and close and the audible alerts are hideous. I am really going to have a good net look at Budapest.